~Musa Darcia~

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Uploaded 18th Feb 2006 at 3:37 PM · Updated 19th Feb 2006 at 8:19 AM by 9b8ll

Here my newest creation "Musa" she just a girl who needs to be loved although she may seem sweet cute normal girl,but she's part-vampire and guys better not make her mad is or she really bite em!

Content included:
Skintone:Enayla (Opaline and Golden Grace skintones) Super awesome skintone! :D
Eyes:Avund (Avund Eyes collection)
Eyeliner:Barcelonista (Eyeliner/Lashes)
Eyeshadows:Barcelonista(Cabaret Eyeshadows)
Bangs(costume makeup):liegenschonheit(Plicka's Buns Recolours)
Clothing:Ghanima (Moon Maiden)
makeup(Lips):liegenschonheit(Valentines Day Makeup Collection)

Content Not included (Required)
Earrings:http://www.rosesims2.net/ (Accesories, Page 5)
Hair n' mesh:Plicka (plickas..buntails?!)
Fangs:generalzoi(Vampire Fangs for All)
Eyebrows:Helaene (Realistic brows)
Clothing mesh:aardvarkams (***TESTERS WANTED*** ~The GothGurlz~)

Thank you so much creators on the awesome content,I love it oh....nice comments are welcome please and be nice,thanks