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Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2021 at 12:18 PM
Updated: 29th Apr 2021 at 12:00 PM - Added french STBL string
Update 29-04-2021:
- French translation added! Thanks @SecretX !

A requested mod by a patreon! It's, as expected from reading the title, a journal! The object's description reads as follows:

Journaling is something sims have been doing for years! It's basically a cheaper way of writing your own biography... in fact, there are always some people out there who are curious about it! Do be aware of those sneaky curious sims though...
From closer up, however, the way how it works is that the journal checks what the sim's highest moodlet/buff is (So one that affects them the most) and gets to write about it! There's a chance your sims will even share with you what they wrote! We're their llama overlords anyways.  Sims will also skill up their writing this way. It isn't as quick as writing a book, however...

The journal can be used from children up to elders! Just not pets :p It's also autonomously. However, if you ever left the journal on the ground and nothing fun is there to do for your sims, everyone will want to use it.  (not that the non-journal owners can, they'll simply say it's not their journal ) So make sure to hide/put it in your inventory whenever you can!

  • Claim journal - A very important thing to do! Otherwise, your sims will let you know that it isn't claimed or isn't their journal
  • Write about "X" in Journal - where X is depending on what your sims are feeling and wanting to write about This option comes with 20 entries for each experience. That's 340 entries your sims can write!
  • The options are:
  • 1. Write about Friendship - Sim got a new friend? He/She/They can write about it now!
  • 2. Write about Abduction experience - Your sim got abducted by aliens! Good thing they can write about it!
  • 3. Write about past life - an interaction for ghosts to communicate to their loved ones
  • 4. Write about mourning - Will help a mourning sim to write about their losses.
  • 5. Write about 'that amusing thing' - If your sims are in a really good mood, this shows up!
  • 6. Write about bad thing - When stuff just simply sucks, they can write about that too!
  • 7. Write about good relationship - Basically anything romantic-related that made your sim happy!
  • 8. Write about 'sucky love life' - When they broke up or got rejected, they'll unlock this option
  • 9. Write about pregnancy experience - Sims can write about their pregnancy experience
  • 10. Write about Woohoo experience - nothing overly sexy of course! Just a wish for some sims to get particular hot tubs and vibrating beds So I kept this one 13PG
  • 11. Write about toys and awesome events - For childish sims and children! They can now write about their experiences at school and their toys or even everyday lives.
  • 12. Write about Teen experience - Because teenagers can also rant in their journals But yeah, they can write about their school experience and pimples and all the things teenagers basically
  • 13. Write about vampire experience - One of the only occults I gave journal entries for. The other ones just felt like it wouldn't be worth it. Vampires can now complain about the sun and such in their journal
  • 14. Write about Werewolf experience - When sims are in their werewolf form, they can write their stuff in here... beware that when they read it back, it might get awkward!
  • 15. Write about Robots - Robot fans and robots (So, servos and plumbots) can all write in their robo-language about their robo-experiences
  • 16. Write about Brooding - Brooding sims now have a new outlet! They can write in their journals to feel a bit better about themselves and figuring out the meaning of meaning :p
  • 17. Write in journal - Also considered as 'other entries'. This is just a fallback entry for when sims want to write in their journals but no moodlets/buffs are there to support it.
  • Pick up journal - If your journal ever refuses to be dragged and dropped in your inventory, then you can still pick it up!
  • Relive... - Which shows a set of entries that have been written in the journal. So if you sim has only written about vampires and robots, it would only show those entries to relive
  • Read... - This shows ONLY for sims reading other sim's. It functions just like 'relive' but in this case, if the owner of the journal catches that sim reading, they'll get pissed off at them!
  • Lock/unlock journal - This is one of the ways to prevent sims from reading a sim's journal.
Social interaction:
  • 'Friendly...' > Ask about Entry from journal - When the sim is a friend of another sim, they will react somewhat positive on it, but when it's a sim that they don't really know well, it will make them yell However, this would require you to have read something that gave a sim the moodlet 'What the...' and 'Read a saddening entry'!
  • ''Mean...' > 'Make fun of Journal entry' - After your sim read an entry of someone else's journal, they get the 'read someone else's journal' moodlet. This moodlet unlocks that interaction
Other Features:
If you really don't trust your neighbors, friends family, and backpack, your sim can also hide their entries in the following places:
  • Behind the tv
  • Under their beds
  • In their dressers
  • In theirs end tables
Some entries when being read can give you some moodlets... 
NOTE: Moodlets currently have a problem of either being shown empty or a bit of a weird image choice. I'm still looking into this to change!

About the object itself:
The Mesh and such are directly from the notebook/homework that you can find in the game. That did come with some complications though... 

Can be found under: Office > Hobbies and skills > 0 simoleons. The reason it's 0, is because for some reason the price doesn't want to change :/ I tried putting it to 250 simoleans but that's somehow not showing up...

Channel stuffs:
The journal is fully recolorable with 3 channels! One for the front panel of the journal, the back, and the 'rotation' bit of it Unfortunately, the journal doesn't animate in such a way I could actually show the third one because of some other bug I wasn't able to fix :/ 

It also has 3 presets. 2 of them are non-recolorable. The third one is. The first preset is a more medieval-inspired one and the second one is a ts4 > TS3 journal conversion

Because a script mod never comes with some issues! ????
  • The journal sometimes happens to 'think' it's in use, but isn't. This makes it impossible to get the 'write in journal' interaction back. A way around this is to simply reset the object. Preferably through Nraas, but testingcheats should do the trick too!
  • The journal isn't fully animated, so it's not flipping to show the journal fully (and is therefore always open-looking). Still looking for a fix for this!
  • Certain packs can make it so the moodlets show as empty. They still function though! I just need to find some more time to add different icons in for it. I might do that for the coming week
  • Rarely, but it can happen, the journal could reset your sims. That's partially the way how EA's routing system works and if it can't figure out the surface type (including the ground) it does this. Or if the Jig couldn't be created. Which the game sometimes suffers from. So this is more or less an EA issue.
  • Unfortunately, I couldn't make it so that only journal owners could use the 'write' interaction because somehow C# didn't consider the variable instantiated (Even though it was) And therefore couldn't really get it to work on the test function. So for now, sims will just let you know that they're using a journal that isn't theirs
And of course any other bugs you're seeing! 

And thank the person who requested this! This was a really fun mod to work on and I really hope it fulfills their expectations!

Zoeoe22, Battery, GameFreak130 for helping wherever it was necessary  You guys are awesome!

Blender 2.8
Photoshop 2019 S3PE The Sims 3 of course (And EAxis!)