More Senarios Upon Moving

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Uploaded 1st Jun 2022 at 1:55 PM · Updated 9th Jun 2022 at 10:40 AM by Lyralei

** Please redownload!**
Fixed an issue where it may trigger the events whenever the game itself is moving families around (This is usually something Nraas StoryProgression does, alternatively the game can as well with story progression turned on). It will now only trigger on the active household.


Today I'm releasing a tiny mod I was actually surprised hadn't done before? Especially, since it took only 20 minutes to make

I've always been a bit disappointed about the fact that the lot scenarios would only happen on new saves, and not upon moving your sims to a new lot in the neighborhood. They can be quite fun whenever you want to add a little more unexpected "spice" to the game! And so, the idea was born

What does this do?

Whenever you move your active sims to a new lot (I mean, literally move, as in Phone > Real estate > move to new lot), the game will pick up on it and does a dice roll on whether a challenge/scenario should be firing. (see images).

NOTE: Unfortunately, I wasn't able to have this trigger upon doing things in edit town mode (Where you evict a family and then move them somewhere else) and that's because I don't think EA ever added a proper event listener for that. If someone else knows, please let me know though! I'll try and add that too then.

Bugs/Technical Details
  • You can simply uninstall this if it's too annoying/don't want it/ghosts are eating your mac and cheese and that pisses you off, without your save corrupting/having problems with throwing errors Unlike some of my other mods.
  • If you feel the challenges/Scenarios trigger way too often when moving, please check out this mod:
    Special Challenges are triggered more (or less) often
  • If bugs occure, then 99% it's probably EA's code. I simply listen in onto whenever a sim is moving and then trigger the scenarios.