SeaBeats Archipelago

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SeaBeats Island - Archipelago

This is an archipelago made up of a large island and several islets of which some have roads to place lots, designed for the creation of beach suburbs in which urban settlements can be combined with beach lots, the terrain includes mountains and flat plateaus on which you can create flat-terrain lots.

This template offers multiple decoration options to create that dream neighborhood.
You can decorate this map with everything that Maxis left behind for the game, the lagoons can be decorated with lighthouses, swans, canoes, boats, waves and so on.

You can place any of the 1 x 1 lots and four corner lots that Mod The Sims users have created with the view of multiple races around them, if you want a different concept in terms of landscaping both from the general view of the neighborhood and from the view of the lot.

Due to the extensive terrain and roads the installation of a camera mod is optional.

This template doesn't include any decorations.

Additional Credits:
Simcity 4
EA Games