Whales Island

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Uploaded: 28th Jul 2022 at 10:38 PM
Neighborhood template for beach lots
Compatible with most of my beach creations

whale island is a neighborhood map designed for a coastal and beach theme which is an archipelago made up of a large whale-shaped island and two small islets.
the road plan is designed to accommodate various sizes of lots.
In the images that accompany this download there is a guide map for the location of the beach lots, the green arrows indicate the areas where the templates that the original game includes by default can be placed and the magenta dates indicate the areas where it is possible to place the beach lots that I have created and shared in MTS.
The use of camera mod is optional

It's possible that beach lots created by other users of the community can be used in the template, below I leave a list with the lots that I have created and that can be placed in this template.

* Beach Tiny Houses Collection
* Mantione Beach lots
* SkateLand Community beach lot
* Cheap Beach Houses Three Lakes
* Don Lothario Beach Lot
* Tent Community 3x3 beach lot
* Beach Restaurant
* 19 Hyacinth Circle Beach - lot
* Tiki Restaurant beach lot
* Beachy Fortul
* Patty's Beach House

The mentioned beach lots ones were tested prior to this post, if you have any inconvenience, please don't hesitate to comment.