Bearsun Islands - Medium Map

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Uploaded: 7th May 2021 at 10:08 PM
The original name of Bearsun Islands is a long-debated mystery among historians and residents alike. The true surname of the islands' founder has been lost to time, and though the council settled on "Bearsun" many years ago, people still grumble and insist it can't possibly be right.

The Islands are known for their proud people, their incredible summer-time activities and world-famous events, and their powerful logo: a Grizzly bear's face in the center of a wildly-drawn sun.

This map is excellent for a regular neighborhood, a crazy university, a high-end business district, or a pleasant vacation spot.

The main island contains a large network of roads, for stores or residential areas, and a few dead-ends for Sims who prefer quieter locations. The corner island has a few loops and a hill perfect for a couple of large lots. Finally, the smallest habitable island holds enough space for a few parks or other fun activities for your Sims!