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The Sapphire Divide - Medium Map

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Uploaded: 8th May 2021 at 11:03 PM
Long has the effervescent Sapphire River flowed along this path, carving a divide in the land.

Surrounded by forests and dotted with blue meadows, The Sapphire Divide is a breathtaking area.

The bottom stretches contain a web of roads, perfect for decent-sized houses, apartments, and small businesses/activities.

As one ascends each subsequent "level" of land, the roads become fewer but the greater space in-between allows for larger homes and more complex businesses/hangout spots for your Sims.

When creating this map, I was primarily inspired by the idea of a 'hood with an obvious split between two factions. Occults and other fantasy-based stories would be great here! Or perhaps you're more interested in a historical fiction take? That would work just as well!