Builder Career

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2021 at 11:32 PM
Updated: 7th Jun 2021 at 12:23 AM
This has now been almost 5 weeks in the making, I even did research on some things like options for cutting weld joins and adding in insulation if cladding is already on. One afternoon my 13 year old stood there giving me the oddest look when I watched an episode of Bob the Builder to get some ideas! As if he's never watched Bob before, he didn't even want to sit down and join me, after all those times I had to watch it with him!

Anyway after 5 weeks, a lot of swearing and getting help from the amazing sims community I can now present to you the Builder Career.


This Career has a new guid so will not overwrite maxis careers
Eps needed are University, OFB, Free Time and Apartment Life as the career reward utilizes these and also the clerk uniform
Custom Career reward is the woodworking bench made by DeeDee
I have not changed the guid for the bench so am guessing you cannot have it as an everyday object if you have my career as I have modified it to be attached to the careeer.
Levels 5-9 have a custom pickup originally made by CoolDad and then fixed to show up as a career car by the amazing Whoward
The obvious choice as a uniform for this career would have been the handyman, but for some reason it would not work in game, so the closest option for majority of the levels is the gas station attendant
All levels have their own chance cards
This is not linked to majors
Skills needed are Mechanical, Body, Logic, Creativity and Charisma
No need to make friends to advanced, I don't personally like that option so did not include it.