Toddler Timeout with fixed animations.

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2021 at 5:14 AM
Updated: 28th Jul 2022 at 6:54 PM
Update for Patch 1.90.358.1030 (High School Years) Please redownload!



So I have always wanted the ability to give our toddler a timeout when they had been naughty but for some reason it wasn't added in parenthood. Previously when I managed to add the option on toddlers, the toddlers would stretch out in a weird glitched stage.
I finally managed to fix it (with help) as well as give toddlers their own animations that plays during timeout.

Your toddler will randomly either cry or throw a tantrum while being in a timeout or both.
The toddler might also get a moodlet the same as with children.

  • Requires Parenthood.
  • Your Sim needs to be minimum level 4 in Parenting Skill, for the option to show up (EA default, mod doesn't change that)
  • Can be found the same place as with children and teens.

Worth noting:
  1. If your sim gives a toddler a timeout for making a mess, you might not be able to clean it up right away since the toddler is standing on top of it. You will be able to once the timeout is over. Or simply wait with giving the timeout till the toddler has moved away from the mess.
  2. The timer indicator above their head might disappear prematurely, but they are still in timeout, you can check that by looking at their action que. It seems to be a game thing so not much I can do about that, sorry.

How to Install:
Simply download the file, extract the rar then place "ToddlerTimeout.package" into your;
Documents -> Electronics Arts -> The Sims 4 -> Mods.
That's it!

It will conflict with any mod that alters the same tunings.
Parent Discipline action for all by tecnic.

Zer0 - Who pretty much hand held me.

More info
While I will make sure that the important updates are announced here as well regarding to the mod, I do have a Patreon where I post things like WIP, or if any upcoming issues/update on mods are coming soon. Of course once it is released I WILL update here as well.
Everything on my patreon is 100% free and will remain so. Patreon