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Clutter Anywhere Part One - Appliances

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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2021 at 2:57 AM
Updated: 2nd Mar 2024 at 12:05 AM
✔Game tested and compatible with 1.105 patch


Moved here My Wedding Stories teasets (previously in Misc part) as EA finally changed their catalog tags to appliances. Please redownload also Misc part to avoid duplicates.

Important note about ice cream maker! With recent patch EA added new ice cream maker interactions for children and new tuning resources. The modded appliance is fully functional anywhere (except wall shelves) for adults, but there is an issue with children. Due to their smaller height, they use a footstool to reach the standard height of the kitchen counter so the counter should have a special footstool slot, otherwise child shows a routing error balloon. Other surfaces like different tables, hutches, etc do not have those slots and with ice cream maker is placed on a table you can observe some oddities. When interacting with the ice cream maker, the child will go to the kitchen counter and stand on the footstool, but the ice cream maker itself will play animations where it stands. As a result, the ice cream will be prepared as usual and placed in the child's inventory. If you use this mod together with my Slots Anywhere please see a note there about footstool slots.

It was a long time since I've found the original mod from Madhox here till I decided to update it to be usable again. I remember that scaring word... TUNING, haha! But after a little research I figured out how to make this work and here we are.

A little sneak peak... This is a first part, more items are comming!

So what does this mode do?

Like the previous version by Madhox it allows to place all small appliances on any surface and they remain usable, not just decor. But I wanted to add the maximal placement variety so all items now fit into the small deco slots of end, dining, coffee tables, hutches and can be placed directly on floor. You can even place them on shelves, but there is a sad issue - on wall shelves most items won'be usable and sims will get a routing error when trying to use. For now I don't know if this ix fixable.

What's included?

All the base game microwaves, coffeemakers and tea brewer,
Get Together espresso machines,
Spa Day and Backyard Stuff drink trays,
Movie Hangout popcorn maker,
Cool Kitchen ice-cream maker,
Luxury Party fountain,
Snowy Escape hot pot.

What did I change?

For some items like party fountain, hot pot, espresso machines, popcorn maker or drink trays it were enough to change the slotting behavior in Object Catalog resource, and for microwaves, tea and coffeemakers and ice-cream maker I edited the Interaction Tuning and Object tuning, so Object Definition resources were changed too. So not compatible with any other mods changing the same resouces.

Madhox for the awesome original mod, Sims4Studio and EA.