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Clutter Anywhere

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2014 at 9:58 PM
Updated: 20th Jan 2016 at 3:32 AM
This makes it so that a boatload of small clutter, decorations, sculptures and plants is now placeable on shelves and some of the larger plants and deco (which would not fit on a shelf) can be placed on end and side tables.

Update 2014-12-16: For those who downloaded this already, you can throw the "feetprint" packages away if you want and use the bb.moveobjects cheat instead (which has been introduced with and results in exactly the same thing). Updated with a zip that only contains the useful parts.

Note to builders (2015-01-25): From what FakeHouses|RealAwesome posted here, downloaders still need this mod when you have used it for decorating a lot you upload, otherwise stuff on shelves will disappear. Maybe this will be fixed in some future patch (apparently just using bb.moveobjects has the same issue under some circumstances), we’ll see.

For placing small electronics on shelves, use this mod (Electronics Anywhere, same principle).

Placeability of stuff depends on two factors: 1. the placement flag (is this permitted to go on a shelf?), and 2. the footprint size (does the game think the object is small enough to actually do so?). Some objects only need the flag changed for it to be placeable (like e.g. the model riverboat – that is the long flat one, not the paddlewheel), some also need a smaller footprint. However, since changing feetprint comes with a caveat (mainly concerns builders, see below) and also the method I used for that is kind of a kludge (I had to override the entire OBJD with a reference to an existing smaller one, as the actual feetprint themselves aren't ediable yet), I've split this into three packages. Use all in conjunction or only the placement one for less of an effect. the bb.moveobjects cheat.

1. Clutter placement:

Changes the placement flag (COBJ) in the following objects so that they are permitted to go on

Shelves (and larger)

– Antique Coffee Pot
– Kept Spice Rack
– RAW Utensil Holder
– Modernist Paper Towel Dispenser
– RAW Antique Teapot
– Reclaimed Corbel Vase
– Mega Table Vase
– Tabletop Potted Plant
– Mega Flower Pot
– The Manifest
– Mega Houseplant Pot
– Porc du Jour
– Vintage Books
– School Binders and Bookend
– The Definitive (all colours)
– Caress Scented Candles
– Florist’s Dream Starter Kit
– Florist’s Dream Gardening Tools
– “Tray” Chic Perfume Set
– Always Polished Nail Polish
– Ladies’ Perfume
– Men’s Body Care Essentials
– Body Care Essentials
– Just for Me Bath Basket
– Condiment Basket
– Honeycomb Bottle Holder
– Banana Bank Heist Model Van
– Pre-Assembled Model Sports Car
– Train Set - Engine Car
– Train Set - Cargo Car
– Train Set - Passenger Car
– Train Set - Coal Car
– Train Set - Caboose
– River Queen Paddlewheel Boat
– Midnight Raven Model Car
– Vintage Model Pickup Truck
– Jolly Trolley Antique Replica
– Antique Canal Boat
– On the Hunt Statuette
– Mother Hen

Note that the "Male Cologne" (which isn't included here since it already knew about shelves, I only noticed that while testing) apparently has a height issue: it thinks it is much bigger than it actually is, and will only go on a top shelf when using the default vertical spacing for shelves.

Side Tables (and larger)

– Merry Milkmaid
– Plastic Laundry Basket
– Fine Feathered Fern
– Florist's Dream Watering Can
– Florist's Dream Potted Lily
– Potted Youch
– Terra Cotta Potted Plant
– Mega Fern
– Captain Chaz MacFreeling's Galleon

End tables (and similar)

– Caress Stacking Crates
– High Hopes Potted Plant
– Grande Vase

2. Feetprint: -- obsolete; removed


Checked for obsoleteness in and updated this post accordingly.
Checked for differences in, the only change I can see is four UNKS that are all 0 so should work fine.

S4PE + Ingewrappers, Notepad++.