Just Sit (script mod)

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2021 at 2:37 PM
Updated: 20th Jul 2022 at 10:53 AM
What is this mod :

It might seem odd, but sometimes all I want is for one sim to sit somewhere and stay seated for a while. [without the TV trick]
With high free will, this never happens -_-'

This is exactly what this mod does, it adds a new interaction on living chairs, dining chairs and sofas, called "RELAX".
Sims will now sit for two sim hours, no matter if they are hungry, want to pee etc they will not stand up, not read their book, finally!

- Download Formal Tea Set CC "sstsetcake" and "sstsettart" from @strangestorytellersims‚Äč, converted by simbeings HERE
- Replace V3.10 by FloTheory_NapInAllChairsV3.13 in your mod folder.
- Add FloTheory_SweetsTrays_Override in the override folder.

- Download the Snack tray CC Edible Deli and Appetizers Dish.
- Put FloTheory_NapInAllChairsV3.10 in your mod folder.
- Place FloTheory_SnackTray_Override in the override folder.

Future improvements :
- Make it possible for hungry sims to grab food from snack tray and eat while relaxing.
- Add sweets tray to dining tables.
- Trays will have 10 servings and disappear when empty.
- Add geostates to snack trays.
- Add rotten state and flies to snack tray after a while.
- Add functional gifts.
- Fix the nap interaction for children.

Additional Credits:
Thank you to all the Sims 3 community and special thanks to other modders. There is always someone to answer my questions and I would not be modding without your help. I'm very thankful <3

Thank you Knight for helping clean and optimize my code.

Thank you OneBillionPixels, Canelline, @strangestorytellersims‚Äč and simbeings for creating and converting wonderful food cc !