Simsco Canning Factory Mod

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2022 at 9:25 PM
Updated: 6th Apr 2022 at 7:01 PM
The Simsco Canning Factory can be loaded with produce and dairy ingredients, then used to convert them into boxes of canned and processed products, such as boxes of jars of jam, canned vegetables, wheels of cheese and more. It looks like the Cupcake Factory, but is industrial safety yellow.

The Canning Factory pulls all of its ingredient requirements from its own inventory, not your sim's, so you need to load it first. This is meant to allow you to better decide what portion of that huge haul of apples goes toward fruit, which part toward Jam, and which part gets saved for brewing into a 'fizzy' or some other use.

You need to put the ingredients into the machine before you can make the recipes with the machine. You can Open the inventory like a refrigerator and drag things into it, you can drag and drop items onto the machine, or you can use the Load ingredients option with a dialog.

Select Bulk Food Processing, and choose one of the recipes for which you have ingredients. The machine will chug and flash and belch smoke in a remarkably steampunk way, and your box of processed food will come rolling down the conveyor belt. Your sim will wait until it is done then pick up the box and look for a surface or a shelf to place it on.

You need to clean the machine about every 6 uses. This is the same as the Cupcake Factory for now.

Recipes adapted from Cottage Living
  • Box of 6 Jars of Apple Jam (6 Apples, 6 Sugar)
  • Box of 6 Jars of Raspberry Jam (6 Raspberries, 6 Sugar)
  • Box of 6 Jars of Strawberry Jam (6 Strawberries, 6 Sugar)
  • Box of 6 Wheels of Cheese (6 Milk)
  • Box of 6 Jars of Chocolate Syrup (6 Chocoberries)
  • Box of 6 Jars of Mayonnaise (6 Eggs)
  • Box of 6 Jars of Meat Substitute (6 'meat substitute' ingredients)
  • Box of 6 Jars of Tomato Sauce (6 Tomatoes)

New Recipes/Foods
  • Box of 6 Meals Ready-to-Eat (with Meat: 6 Vegetables, 6 Fish)
  • Box of 6 Meals Ready-to-Eat (Vegetarian: 6 Vegetables)
  • Commercial-Sized Sack of Sugar (6 Fruit)
  • Box of 6 Cans of Green Peas (6 Green Peas)
  • Box of 6 Cans of Green Beans (6 Green Beans)
  • Box of 6 Jars of Dried Sage (6 Sage Leaves)
  • Box of 6 Cans of Fishcake (6 Fish)

MREs: A box of vacuum-packed food with a built-in self-heating element. You can open it up, and you get a plate of hot food in your inventory (same recipe lists as the Delicioso spell from Realm of Magic).

Sugar: The factory can convert 6 fruit into a large, commercial-sized sack of sugar, which can be opened to get 6 small bags of sugar that can be used in recipes.

Canned vegetables and Dried Spices: You can use the canned ingredient directly in recipes (at least that's the goal...), or you can Open it Up and get actual ingredient back to use.

Canned Fishcake: A mixed, processed fish cake in the shape of a fish. It can be used in any recipe that calls for 'any fish', such as Fish Tacos, or even Fish on a Stick.

Change Log
1.0.0, 1/14,2022, Initial Patreon Work in Progress release as Farm Factory Mod
1.1.0, 4/2/2022, Initial Public Release, renamed to Canning Factory Mod
1.1.1, 4/6/2022, Fixed issue when used on lots with Simple Living lot trait, canning supplies issues