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Sickness Gamepack

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2021 at 9:25 PM
Adds a better sickness system, more objects, traits, an aspiration track, a social event, a lot trait, career, and cas items.
The objects that are added looked broken and ruined (on purposed)
There aren't that many cas items, only broken pants and a sickness shirt.
The illnesses are hidden traits!

This isn't a tuning mod and doesn't edit existing values. It doesn't change the existing illnesses it adds a fatal sickness for adults and a extra sickness for children!

(The easiest way to get sick is to have a adult sim with the easily sick trait and make the sim get dazed.)

(This mod does not change any existing features and adds a separate sickness system then the usual sickness in the base game)

The Sickness System
There are multiple ways to get an adult sick, here is how:
1. Get a sim with the easily sick trait and then become dazed,
you can become dazed from drinking too much coffee and more.

2. Have the germ contractor on your lot.

3. Get a bronze medal on a large party.

4. Get a rare notification when exploring space or exploring the jungle.

5. Level up on the new Adventurer career.

To get rid of a sickness use the computer and go to research (this is untested),
or you can beg not to be sick if the target sim is in the doctor career. Sickness doesn't just wear off,
the buffs might disappear but the sickness isn't gone. The buffs will re-apply if not treated.

Child Sickness System
1. Research how to be sick (this is unknown if this works).

2. Have the child easily sick trait and play too much on the pirate ship or space ship.

3. Have a sick child sim use "Spread Sickness" on another child sim.

To get rid of the sickness get a adult sim to check on the child.

How To Prevent Sickness
Finish the Sickness Researcher aspiration track under the knowledge aspiration,
after your sim will get the sickness immunity trait.

Death/Near Death of sickness, after being sick and getting low energy your sim will get mortified till he/her dies,
after that your sim will get the Death/Near Death By Sickness Trait, (it acts like any other death trait).

The added Career is called Adventurer:
Level 1: Rope Swinger
Level 2: Trap Observer
Level 3: Jungle Explorer
Level 4: Relic Hunter

The Additional tracks from the career are:
1. Treasure Hunter
1 Level 2: Treasure Mountain

2. Jungle Investigator
2 Level 2: Nature Expert

Buy Mode/Cas Items:
Decaying Desk
Decaying Floor
Decaying Walls
Destroyed Guitar
Disease Shirt
Graffiti Mirror
Old Pants
Puke Chair
Additional Coffee Maker
Scratched Table
Sickness Mark
Teared Chair
Trashed Sofa