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Genie Gamepack

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Uploaded: 22nd Aug 2021 at 11:19 AM
Updated: 13th Sep 2021 at 8:26 AM

This mod adds genies to your game! To become a genie you can complete the Wish Hunter aspiration or pick the genie trait located under life style.
Genies can offer wishes to other sims by clicking on them. If successful the wish is fulfilled, if the wish isn't successful the opposite of that wish will happen most of the time. (Some animations may only work with 'Get To Work' or 'Vampires'.) Being a genie doesn't change appearance but it changes the sims voice and increase or decrease certain needs or skills.
List Of Spells:
Mess With: Adds "Where Am I?" buff to victim, if failed the genie will get "What Was I Doing?" buff.
Random Buff: Random buff will give the victim a buff, the buff could be: "Sad", "Happy" and "Angry".
Give A Wish For Work: If successful the victim will be joined into a career, if not successful the victim will get a sad buff.
Give A Wish For Fitness: If the wish works the victims fitness skill will increase, if it doesn't work it will remove the fitness skill.
Give Love Wish: If it works the victim will get the flirty buff, if it doesn't work the victim will feel very sad.
Other Interactions:
Read Mind: Problems occur with this, it should reveal a trait but sometimes it doesn't do anything sadly.
Genie Kiss: Just a quicker way to kiss another sim.
Magic Introduction: The genie will do magic (Sometimes the animation doesn't work) giving the victim a happy moodlet. If it doesn't work the victim will feel sad.

Sims 3 Version (For The Sims 4)

Genies can be made in CAS with the genie trait or complete the wish hunter aspiration.
Genies will have blue skin after being in the game for a while. You can also add the Genies Beard in CAS if you want.
(You may need the vampire game pack for the animations to work)

Your sims can select certain wishes on genies, this is the list of wishes:
Wish For Beauty: The sim that wished for beauty will gain a little more romantic relationship points when doing romantic interactions with other sims. They will also do romantic interactions more.
Wish For World Peace: Your sim will be able to talk about world peace to other sims.
Wish For Love: The sim that wanted the wish will get a buff for a couple days that lets them gain a lot more romantic relationship points when doing romantic interactions with other sims.
Wish For Long Life: Your sim will no longer age.
Wish For Happiness: The sim that wished for happiness will have a happy buff that last for a day or more.

Why Make A Sims 3 Version When You Already Have Made A Genie: I did this because I discovered how to add blue skin to sims that are genies, I also did it because I'm currently working on a pack that involves genies from the sims 3.