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Move-in Assets Fixed and Improved

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Uploaded: 28th Sep 2021 at 7:30 PM
Updated: 19th Jul 2023 at 10:00 AM
19 July '23: French translation by Nostural

If you're into rotational gameplay, you may have noticed some unfair things about moving in playables, money wise. Me too. Here is my solution, may it help your game and bring more consistency to it!

This mod fixes two issues with wrong funds when sims move in by invitation or marriage. It also allows to choose how much money to transfer from split household (optional feature).

Fix: Sims get the money for their sold house when they move in from another sub-hood. Without the fix, they only bring their cash funds.
  • Example of the problem: Let's say, you play Malcolm in Bluewater. He married Brandy from Pleasantview, and she brought her kids with her. You'd think she sold her trailer and should bring in some decent money, but due to the bug, she only brought her pitiful cash. Not with this mod! Another example is if sims got married not where they live, e.g. while on vacation or on a community lot in a different subhood. These cases are also covered by the mod.
  • Technically, the game gets family's net worth wrong if that family lives NOT in the subhood you are currently in. It counts only their funds, but not the value of their house. To go around this bug, I appended some code to the moving procedure that adds missing money.
  • Dorms and apartments are special. Sims moving in from those lots bring in only their cash funds, no matter the subhood. So, have your sims pack their stuff before they move.
    • Example: Don is about to marry Nina, and she lives in an apartment alone. Switch to her lot first and pack her own things into her inventory or sell them to get the money, and then go back to Don's and have a wedding. The stuff she leaves at the apartment is lost forever, and the landlord won't pay for it. Same goes for dorms.
Fix: The money sims bring to the current family actually gets subtracted from a family the sim comes from. Can you believe it didn't (except for campus)?
  • Example of the problem: Darren finally got Cassandra to move in with him, and she brought 10% of her family's fortune. But back at the Goth house, the family funds are the same as they were before she moved out! This won't happen anymore.
  • With this fix, the money is divided evenly between former household members, and the movers take their share (usually more than 10%). If you download a "decide" version, you'll be able to specify the amount of simoleons, as you see fit, any time you want.
  • Caveat: funds larger than §4,000,000 won't be divided, the sim will bring nothing, and you'll have to do it manually. I hate it, but the math goes wrong after 4 millions and I don't know a way around it. Try the familyfunds cheat or have someone from another family give gifts to the current family.
    If you use other mods to transfer the money in this case, check both households funds afterwards to make sure the count is right.
Optional feature: You may decide how much money a sim brings to the new family and how much is left to the former family.
  • Example: So, Darren asked Cassandra to move in and she agreed. A pop-up message then asks you, if you want to decide how much of the Goth money she takes with her. If yes, a price dialog appears where you can click a label/tag icon and type an exact amount. If you cancel it or click "by default" in the message, Cassie takes about 1/3 of her former family funds and the rest is left to Mortimer and Alexander. If you type an incorrect amount, it'll let you try again a few times and then divide the funds by itself.
  • Caveats:
    • The dialog limit is §999,999 (you can only type 6 digits in it). Annoying, but alas.
    • If the former funds are larger than §4,000,000, there will be no dialog, the sim will bring §0, and you'll have to transfer the money by other means.
Experimental feature: Townies and NPCs don't lose their memories and history upon moving in.
  • Example: Nothing like a townie husband that remembers his love affair with your grand grand grand grandmother!
  • Actually, it's more complicated. The Set CAS History procedure not only wipes out memories, it also fulfills and recalculates wants, sets former dormies' want/fear slots and locks, skills relevant to their major, graduation memories and whatnot. The wants are a bit mysterious to me. Won't their want trees be inadequate, if you bypass this procedure? I don't know. Maybe it's the other way around.
  • I included this feature for those who use mods for this, because they will conflict, if modify the same resource (the ones I saw - do). I haven't been using it long enough to fully understand the consequences, but if you did or want to, please keep in mind that it is about more than just memories.

Please pick only one version of the mod. Run HCDU or SiMidge to check for conflicts with your other downloads and back up your 'hoods before adding any mods to your game.

  • zzMoveInAssets = fixes only
  • zzMoveInAssets_Decide = fixes + decide how much money movers bring
  • zzMoveInAssets_NoMemLoss = fixes + townies' and NPCs' memories, wants etc. don't reset
  • zzMoveInAssets_Decide_NoMemLoss = fixes + both features
Decisions, decisions... If you don't know what to choose, get the first, basic version.

  • Apartment Life or Mansion & Garden, or Ultimate Collection

  • dreadpirate_ss_moveinall_nofriends - might be resolvable, see post #6
  • TownieNoMemoryLoss by Squinge(?) - you may remove it and grab my version that prevents townie memory loss
  • moveinfix by syberspunk - it doesn't fix the problems I described here and the function that conflicts with my mod might be obsolete (correct me if I'm wrong); if you want to keep it for its other functions, let it load before my mod
  • YA-move-out-of-college - if you have it, let it load before zzMoveInAssets (the mods share the same strings set, and I changed it slightly, no biggie)
  • May conflict with other mods that override the same resources:

Minor notes
  • Sometimes you may see not one, but two notifications of "So and so moved in and brought in this much money". It's fine. It happens when the numbers are too high or low and I add the lot value separately to go around the technical obstacles.
  • If moving sims have negative funds or their house costs negative amount, this is what happens. When only a part of the other family moves in and their family funds are negative, they'll bring nothing (the "debt" stays back home). When everybody from the other family moves in with negative assets, the money may be subtracted from the current family, and the current funds may even go negative. In extreme combinations, the results may vary. You probably won't ever see this, unless you use cheats or mods to achieve this.
  • Home businesses affect lot value. If you move in a family that had a home business, it's liquidation may change their house value, so the money they bring in will be slightly different from what their net worth was right before that. It's normal.
  • I haven't done apartments, because the way I get the lot value counts the whole lot, not only one unit. I don't know of a way to make in work differently. And it may even be for the best, because most objects in apartments are landlord's property, and it'd be cheaty to get the money for them. By the way, when you move a family from apartments to the bin in 'hood view, they get their cash + the value of all objects in their unit, including lights, plumbing and kitchen. It's a different procedure.
  • Tiny little side fix: added cleanup of college dorm keys for every moving sim, not only the one that's been asked to move in. Others may have those too. I don't think it matters very much, but just in case.
  • A few observations about the in-game methods that deal with money.
    • "Manipulate Available Family Funds" starts to return crap at a little over §4,000,000. It is used in some cases in the game, mostly when you change family funds from outside (while playing another household). Anyway, it may be wise not to keep this much money in family funds.
    • "Combine assets of family" can handle more than §20,000,000 and probably more, but it doesn't count the house value, if the family lives in another sub-hood.
    • "Alter Budget" is only for current family and it doesn't let family funds go negative, but it could add more than §155,000,000 to more than §20,000,000 without a problem.
    • "Lot - Get Value" script can handle more than §5,000,000 house and probably even more. I don't even know how many helicopters and ice skating rinks I had to place on top of each other on that lot to make it cost over 5 millions; testing was fun.

Feel free to ask questions, post conflict reports and let me know if I messed up.