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Lost & Found - Lit Clothing Shop Sign

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Uploaded: 1st Jul 2018 at 3:15 PM
Turns out, there was a lit texture for clothing shop sign, all this time, but a mix-up in text files prevented it from showing up. Technically, material names and subset names were wrong. This upload includes those text files fixed by me.

When you install the package, all your shirt shop signs will be lit all the time, as well as some other signs that are lit by default. However, if you happen to have my electric box, all signs will be turned off and on when the power goes off and on. Both lit and unlit states will be visible in appropriate times, eventually. (Electric box is still not ready to be used outside testing 'hoods, but I'm slowly preparing it for release, and uploading related stuff is a part of the process.)

So, just to be clear, this is not a recolor, but unlocked lit state that meant to be available for the shirt sign. Some other signs already have it enabled.

This package may conflict with mods that change lit and unlit states of this particular sign. It will definitely conflict with mods that change its existing subset/material names or add new names to the subset/material lists. It will not conflict with mesh or texture replacements, if subset and material names are left the same and still represent lit and unlit states.

Overridden resources:
Subset Names (0x53545223 0x7FA2B7B0 0x00000087)
Material Names (0x53545223 0x7FA2B7B0 0x00000088)

Additional Credits:
Creators of the Sims 2 & SimPE