9 New Death Types

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Uploaded: 19th Dec 2021 at 7:50 PM
Updated: 1st Aug 2022 at 12:18 PM
What is this mod :

This year for Simsmas I gift you 9 new ways to die in the Sims 3, using the Sims 4 animations !

- Die from food poisoning
- Die From embarrassment
- Die from fatigue
- Die of fright
- Die from rodent bite
- Die of steam
- Die from anger
- Die from spellcasting overload
- Die of flies
*those new deaths only affect young adult to elder sims !


They have different GHOSTS :

- Food poisoning uses the Jelly bean ghost.
- Shame uses Invisible sim & causality ghosts.
- Fright uses the Haunting curse ghost.
- Fatigue uses the Old age ghost.
- Steam death uses the Burn ghost.
- Rodent bite uses the Blunt force trauma ghost.
- Anger uses the Ranting ghost.
- Spellcasting overload uses the Transmuted ghost.
- Flie death uses the Starve ghost.

NEAR DEATH experience :
- Sims have a chance to "just get a warning", tune this value in the xml called "FloTheory_SickAndTired.SAT"

- I just added a tunable option for each death. Open "FloTheory_SickAndTired.SAT" with S3PE and change the numbers between 0 and 100. Set the numbers to 100 if you want sims to never be able to die. Just know that the death warning will still play, but the higher the number the less chances the sim will actually die.

This mod also adds those features :

- Elder sims will get the Fatigued moodlet after woohoo (except Athletic sims).
- Flirty sims will get the Loins Burning moodlet if they woohoo with an irresistible sim.
- All sims will get the Terrified moodlet if they see a ghost or get abducted by aliens (except Brave, occults and Supernatural Fan sims).
- Full moon zombies will be turned back to normal sims as soon as they spawn.

Update :
- Changed the way the Spellcasting death happens, it was conflicting with Nraas Hybrid. May now happen after any duel.
- Took out the Zombie option and made it a separate mod.
- Fixed the Grim Reaper not picking up the deads bug.

Future improvements :
- Add tuning files to tone the death percentage chance of happening.
- Add new death "get murdered by evil sims".
- Add a new death for insane, absent-minded, clumsy and dare-devil sims.

Thank you all and merry Simsmas !