Aqua Valley

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2022 at 2:07 AM
Flat neighborhood template with water canal
You can place beach lots that I have created

This neighborhood template has been designed with the aim of offering a different and at the same time unusual environment, although the Verone Villey neighborhood offers something similar, the difference is in the possibility of creating and placing beach lots.
Although beach lots have been an inconvenience to have a beach neighborhood, the fact is that with this map there is no reason to worry.
The water channel is designed with different depths in its path, which depending on the slope of those that are desired to be built and those that have been created to be placed, there is not much resistance.
The road plan was designed in such a way that you don't need a camera mod unless you want to see the map borders.

Where can you create and put beach lots ?

As mentioned before, this map has different levels of depth in its water zones and the shallower zones are in the center and are ideal for creating sloped beach lots.
the guide map that is included in this post indicates with a green arrow the areas where you can create and place standard size lots of the game, and the blue arrows indicate the areas where you can place beach lots that I have shared in MTS.
Remember that the beach lots are of irregular terrain and that although they can be
placed in specific areas, that modifies the terrain and even on the same lot.

Beach lots that you can use on this map

Patty's Beach House
Beachy Fortul
SkateLand Community beach lot
Cheap House Beach lot
Beach Restaurant
Tent Community 3x3 beach lot
Don Lothario Beach Lot
Tiki Restaurant beach lot
Beachy Ranch beach lot
Cheap Beach Houses Three Lakes
19 Hyacinth Circle Beach - lot

The above list of lots is the one I tested place on the map template.
it's recommended to place the small beach lots in the center of the map.