Mini Pose Pack 02 - Toby Stephens

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Uploaded: 5th Sep 2022 at 7:15 PM
When I create a celebrity look-alike sim, inevitably I end up making a handful of poses for them. Sometimes these poses fit into themes, sometimes they don't. This set was created for my Toby Stephens sim and don't really fit into anywhere else, so I'm releasing them as a "mini pack". (Somehow I neglected to release the poses at the same time I released the sim. Better late than never!)

  • a_k2_minipack02_01
  • a_k2_minipack02_02
  • a_k2_minipack02_03
  • a_k2_minipack02_03a
  • a_k2_minipack02_04
  • a_k2_minipack02_05
  • a_k2_minipack02_06
  • Pose 03 and 03a are identical. 03a has the hand positioned for holding a firearm. I used "Wild West Revolver" by Severinka.
  • CC credits for the items used to create my Toby Stephens sim are thoroughly documented on his download page.
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