Surrey - NL version now available

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2005 at 12:54 AM
Updated: 4th Nov 2005 at 5:30 PM - added NL version
Night Life version Surrey 5BR 5.5BA 2G FBP $85,000 All Maxis content except for a floor, wall and brass communal shower made by me - Hack Free - University and Night Life EPs req.

Surrey 5BR 5.5BA FBP $59,178 All Maxis content except for a floor and wall made by me - Hack Free - No EP req.

The Surrey is one of my favorite houses to play. It has 5 bedrooms (two in the basement). Multi-level decking leads down to a pool and the walkout basement. Furnishings are kept to just enough to make a young couple comfortable in order to keep house price down. I normally use basements for the ugly but necessary career/aspiration rewards, but with the walkout to the pool and the fireplace, this basement would make a great entertaining room (or rooms if you want to divide up the space).

This is a great home for a young couple that worked their way through college, or began their life together in a smaller starter home, saving their money for a larger family sized home.

I hope that you like the house as much as I do, and you can thank my hubby for me posting it because he has been after me for months now to do it. I guess I got tired of being nagged, so here it is.

Night life version note: The house had to be created on a larger lot (4 x 4) to incorporate the garage. The house itself is slightly larger which gives larger main floor bedrooms, diningroom and livingroom. The pool area is larger which allows for hot tubs, chaise lounges, and plenty of room to party. With all of this, of course, comes a higher cost for the house, so save those simoleans. The floor plan is the same, so the overall look and feel of the Surrey is still there. I tried to make sure that everything included in the original house is in the NL version as well. If I overlooked something, please let me know. I replaced the staircase with connecting stairs to improve traffic flow to and from the basement. The University EP is required because there are two items that I know of that are used in this house, plus I used the 45 degree angle of rotation on at least one item. I have already moved one of my legacy families into the NL Surrey from the original Surrey and they have settled in and like it just fine. The ability to place accumulated items into their inventories before moving made the furnishing of the new home a little easier on the budget, although this family is not hurting in that department since I always have one grown married child move back in with the parents to keep the house in the family for future generations. Works out great having the grandparents around to help with the babies and children, too.

Note: FBP is my code to indicate the house is Furnished, has a Basement and a Pool. 2G indicates there is a two car garage. Makes it easier to know what the home has to offer when it is in the housing bin.