Futureo Drive # 2 (UPDATED JULY 24 2007)

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Hi all
BirmanKat (mal1958) here. I got into the mood to do some houses. My wife loves doing

Community Lots and dislikes Residential. I am the other way around. This is the Second in

the series. Futureo Drive # 2. This residence comes on a 3 x 2 lot complete with:

2 Basement Garages
An open plan main floor with Kitchen, Dining, and Family Room.
the main floor also boasts a full Bathroom.

The Second floor has 2 bedrooms and attendant Bathrooms for each.
The bedrooms are capable of holding 2 single beds, or 1 double bed. (they are more a

Mini-Suite then a Bedroom.
The second floor also has a huge hall between the two mini Suites
On the 3rd floor is a Master Suite which has 2 patios (1 on either side)

Custom Content that is included are the Floors and walls (Either Maxis or done by KalicoKat

or Myself.

Custom Content that is used, but NOT included in the sims2Pack file are:

Holy Smoke Stairs (recolorable) from Numenor at
Seamless WallWindow Door and Walls By Numenor at

the Windows by Tiggy http://www.simbella.com/ Simbella's Hangout

Hopancough designer Sofa by CrammyBoy http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=48044

Barcelona Fence (black) from 11dots.com http://www.11dots.com

Targa's Accention V. 2 http://forums.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=97367
Targa's Accention Squared http://forums.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=97383

Colored Spotlight Blue I cant seem to remember where I found it.

Modern Glass Door and Window (small) by Tolli At http://www.SimGedoehns.de

I hope that I got all of it, if anybody finds that I have missed anything, PLEASE let me know via PM and I will update the post.

I also scanned this with Clean-Installer, it is HACK free

SIDENOTE: You may see Futureo Drive 4 out before 3 due to the fact that I am having

problems and need to resolve them.

I believe All EPs are needed for this home

I remain

BirmanKat AKA mal1958