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Tenant and Landlord Mod v3.2 << UPDATED: 11/05/2006 <<

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2006 at 12:14 AM
Updated: 7th Nov 2006 at 11:13 AM
This is a cloned deed to function as residential deed which allows you to play tenant and landlord on residential lot. Landlord will buy the lot and the tenant will rent that lot. This object is available in buy mode misc.

JadeElliott requested this in my hacked computer's thread, page 21:
Quote: Originally posted by JadeEliott
Monique, I am setting up an economic structure in my hood and want my sims to pay rent to a specific sim automatically. I would love to be able to schedule weekly payments to a certain sim for rent or taxes or payment for services.

Can this be done?



Options and Descriptions:
View = allows to view lot info, who's the owner and lot value.
Set Me the Owner = allows you to set up the active sim to be the owner of the lot.
Transfer Ownership to.../Sims = to transfer ownership to family member.
Sell This Lot ($lot value) = option is available to present owner which allows you to sell ownership to other sims who are not living on current lot. Afer you sell it "Deed" will automatically disappear and will be transported to buyer's inventory.
Buy This Lot ($lot value) = buy ownership of the lot.
Term of Payment (Weekly/Daily) = option is available to owner which allows you to set up term of payment of tenant. Weekly is every Wednesday (12:00PM) and Daily is every 12:00PM.
Rental Fee (By Percentage/By Amount) = as requested above. Amount to be paid by tenant.

Just like in my child support mod, there is also a tracking of behind payments, if the tenant is broke, the landlord will still receive of payment from "nowhere" and that amount will be charged as credit account of tenant. And on every Tuesday that amount (equal of less than 10,000) will be added to bills. And in tenant's pie menus you will see "Lot Rental fee" option, for viewing/paying of behind payments.

How to start and play tenant and landlord:
1. Buy this object in buy mode (misc) and click on "Set Me the Owner", this will set the active sim the first owner of the lot.
2. Click on this object again and choose "Sell This Lot", a menu of neighbor will appear. Choose your buyer (landlord) then the amount in specified in lot value will be deducted in buyer's family fund and will be added to your family fund and this object (residential deed) will be transported to buyer's inventory. Save and exit to neighborhood screen.
3. Play the buyer's lot (landlord), check his inventory and set up term of payment and rental fee.
4. You're done. If you are playing landlord's house you will automatically receive a rental fee from your tenant depends on your set up and if you're playing tenant's house you will automatically send rental fee to your landlord depends on landlord's set up.
5. There are two ways to sell back ownership to tenant. First is play the landlord's house and click on "sell this lot" and second is play the tenant's house and buy "Deed" object in buy mode and click on "Buy this Lot".

I know you have a lot of questions but sometimes testing will answer your questions. So, pls help me.

Have fun!

- sorry I forgot to remove per hour, I used that for my testing.

- Fixed Percentage error.
- Block Home Business lot. You cannot sell a lot that already started a Home Business and if someone owns your lot you cannot start a Home Business this is to avoid resetting of landlord's ownership and messing up with Home Business ownership.

- Added option "Transfer Ownership to Neighbor" - allows you to transfer ownership without selling of lot.

- Remove Blocking of Home Business, but still you cant sell a lot already started a Home Business.
Note: If you sell or transfer your lot to someone not living on your lot, then you started a home business, lot ownership will be transferred to someone who started a home business and when you shutdown your home business, ownership will reset to nothing (default or normal setup of the game).

UPDATED: v3.2 (Alpha)
- Recoded. If you have an existing Landlord setup, pls do a setup again and expect an "Attributes out of range" error. This is because I added Attributes to funtion as a second storage for your setup to avoid resetting of setup after saving.

NOTE: Pls do not start "Home Business" or do "Make Many..." if you're going to play Tenant and Landlord Mod.

Q: Everytime I set the payment plan, save it, then re-enter the Landlord's lot, it sets back to zero or it sets back to weekly.
A: Please do page#4 post#86 on tenant's house.

1. Pls return the ownership back to tenants before removing this hack from your Downloads folder.
2. Or in case you forgot to do that, and you already removed this hack from your Downloads folder, play your tenants lot then start Home Business and Shutdown it, this will reset ownership of that lot.