The Thinking Lemonsqueezer !

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2006 at 1:53 AM
Updated: 20th Nov 2008 at 5:12 PM by -Maylin-

this is a remesh of the Thinking cap (aspiration reward), inspired by Zaphod's lemonsqueezer helmet in "the Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy".
It's available in the Aspiration reward catalog, for only 1000 Aspiration points, and works exactly as the Maxis thinking cap. It also has the same flaws, such as looking wrong with custom hair meshes and accessories such as the Nightlife goggles (check the pictures with the two alien females, the one on the left has Maxis hair, the one on the right has XMSims hair...).

I hope you'll enjoy it and be careful about your sims' aspiration level when they put that on... you don't want to end up having brain juice all over your clothes, do you ?

Face count : 982
Vertex count : 744
Category : Aspiration

Feel free to recolour, but do NOT upload elsewhere or include in lots.