New Mesh: TresVisions Retro Front Door

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2006 at 2:59 AM
Updated: 9th Jan 2007 at 1:07 AM
Here's my gift to MTS2 for being the best kick a#% site ever! And also celebrating my 1 year

anniversary here which is on the 31'st!

Here's my latest creation, the first in a series (of retro type doors) I am creating. This one I've creatively named

Tres Visions if you haven't already known. I'd first like to say thanks to the following people; IgnorantBliss for

the knowledge she has instilled in me from her fantastic tutorial (which I have memorized :P), and flyingpigeon

for his opinion and comments on the door throughout the one week(ish) process.

What's What - I'm Confuzzeled??

Well, basically there's one mesh, but there's two parts to it. These would be the straight and diagonal, which

are BOTH included in the file "ZK_tresvisions_MESHES_102906" - this is required. If you want the recolor

files (clear glass, black, white, pine, orange, and cherry - OAK is default) download the file

"ZK_tresvisions_RECOLORS_102906" If you're still confused, than I'm afraid you might have problems and might

want to get some help :D

Factual Information

Polygons - Verts: 704 | Faces: 359 = x2 for each side of door
In-Game Local - Build Mode --> Doors & Windows
In-Game Cost - 277
Recolor - The glass is a seperate subset. It can be recolored. I have included a clear one if you don't like blue
Textures - Were hand-painted by myself in Adobe Photoshop using some clever blending techniques


Y'all can recolor all you want giving me the credit for the mesh. Please do not ever redistribute the mesh

anywhere or I'll be forced to pull everything. The glass is completly recolorable as a seperate subset from the

wood simulated grain.

Some More Recolors are available here:


HEY! Press the thanks button! It's excellent motivation. Making stuff ain't the most exciting thing to do...

Ok, see ya