KSK Real Eyes for downloaders, BASE for Creators :D

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Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2006 at 1:46 PM
Updated: 5th Feb 2007 at 8:07 AM
NOTE IF YOU ARE A CREATOR THE PHOTOSHOP FILE IS HERE!!!!! It says, "KSK REAL EYE Public PHOTOSHOP FILE.zip" that is the file you want. Cheers! KSK

Hi everyone,

Here are some nice new realistic eyes for you. They have nice pink bits in each corner (and the corners are different so it looks right - there's a trick to it) and the eye whites are a proper color and there's a proper shadow. When the sim opens its eyes really wide - it does not look so strange! :D

By the way - Shameless Plug - They look good with my latest version V3 TASTY skintones here: http://www.insimenator.net/showthread.php?t=29216

It would be a shame to keep these sclera to myself, since I have ZERO intention of making any more eyeballs! (Only really made them for the V3 skinfiles) so, all creators of eyeballs, PLEASE, be *WELCOME* to USE THE ORIGINAL PHOTOSHOP FILE WITH THE SCLERA I've uploaded for you in a zip file here as a base for your work! It will help them look more realistic, if that is what you are aiming for, and I need some more realistic looking eyes.

It should be very easy to use. Tinker with it until you've made beautiful eyes. I'm quite happy to give you help about the layers if you need it. Post the results up where-ever the heck you like, just remember to give me a note of credit for the sclera, that would be nice of you and KEEP IT FREE.

Here is an example of Barcelonista's gorgeous eyeball on the sclera, and NO I have not uploaded this because it is NOT wholly my own work, it is only shown as example of what you can do if you make eyeballs (Please Barcelonista, use this sclera for your beautiful eyes!!!):

And these are my own works, which are up for download:

Enjoy!!! :D