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*Custom Tailored* Pet Pillows and Basket

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Uploaded: 22nd Dec 2006 at 4:46 PM
Updated: 19th Nov 2008 at 10:37 PM by Canoodle - moved to correct subcatagory. :)
A bed size for each pet size!
by MaryLou & Numenor


Don't you think that those little puppies and kittens look so lonely when sleeping in the huge Maxis pet beds?
Wouldn't you agree that a pet bed created for a large dog should be different than the one used by cats?

A Custom Tailored Pet Bed is what you need!
It comes in several versions, that will perfectly fit your pet size:
  • Small Pillow for puppies and kittens only;
  • Medium Pillow and Medium Basket for cats, small dogs, kittens and puppies;
  • Large Pillow for large dogs only.

You will find all the above Pet Pillows & Basket in the Buy Mode catalog, subsection Misc/Pets. They all work exactly like the Maxis pillows and baskets, with the only difference that our beds can be used only by selected pets, as explained above.

All the pet beds, of course, require the Pets EP; any other EP in addition to Pets is fine.
To install the pillows and the basket, extract the packages from the attached RARs and put them in the Downloads folder (or use the Q-Xpress). To uninstall, just remove the packages from the Downloads.

The Pet Pillows and the Pet Basket borrow the texture from the Maxis' "The Basket Experience"; so, in order to create a recolour for our pet beds, select from the Object Workshop list (subsection General->Pets) the entry "The Basket Experience" (internal name: "Pet Bed - Basket - Wicker").
For the same reason, all the recolors that you download (or create) for the Maxis basket will automatically apply to all our pet beds, too.

Please DO NOT CLONE and DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE. Recolours are fully allowed, but don't include the mesh in your packages: provide a link to this thread, instead.
You can include these items in your lots and post the lots on free sites (NO EXCHANGE!!!), but you must credit MaryLou & Numenor and provide a link to this very thread (not just to MTS2).