Valkyrie Profile: Platina

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Uploaded: 16th Mar 2007 at 5:13 AM
Hello Everyone!
For all of you today I have a very special very first attempt at creating the lovely Platinafrom the amazing Tri-Ace masterpiece, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth.

First of all, I would like to mention that this sim was incredibly time consuming and difficult to make! Sadly, I know her clothing is not 100% accurate-- but all of the meshes for scarves, shawls and such were for Adult Female only. I did my best provided my current skill level and what I have, and I am very pleased with the result. (Please, meshers, make some scarves for teen females, too!)

In Valkyrie Profile, Platina is a rather tragic character who lives a lonely life, save for one boy who seems to have an undying amount of love for her-- Lucian. In the beginning of the game, Platina, who is a simple peasant who often fumbles with her chores and fails to earn her own keep is negotiated to be sold as a slave to benefit the good of her family. However, Lucian, unable to accept such a fate for his best friend, rushes into action like any good hero, and whisks Platina away from her home to escape with her to safety. His attempts are more than noble, but alas a bit tactless.

Platina whines incessently along the way, afraid and cold in the nighttime, but Lucian still thinks only of her and continues on their way, explaining that his sister had been sold as well-- though everyone else claimed that she had died of an illness. Platina, though homesick, seems more than appreciative of Lucian's efforts and thanks him.

While journeying, Platina and Lucian stumble accross the "Weeping Lily Valley", a mysteriously gourgeous valley filled with fragrant and tempting white flowers. Platina, delighted, runs about them and picks the blossoms. Lucian, though already hesitant, realizes these flowers are 'Weeping Lilies', and are extremely poisonious.
Alas, this revelation comes seconds too late, as Platina collapses shortly afterward. She tells Lucian of the sadness in her life, and whispers quietly, "Do you think I could just...slip away?"
Lucian is horrified and tries to convince her to stand and get away from the pollen, but Platina persists and quietly states, "I want to"
She tells him goodbye, perishes and leaves Lucian alone-- triggering the entire sub-plotline for the game.

I've always thought Platina was a very sweet and beautiful character, and her death touched me. (Moreso I felt sorry for Lucian-- poor guy!)

Now then, with all of that babbling done, here are the credits for the Sim of Platina.

Custom Content Downloads Required:
Louis's #7 Skintone "Light"
Bow Necklace Accesory Mesh ( )
Rensim "Backlash Liner" Black (

NOT INCLUDED, as seen in pictures:
Rosesims2 Donation Hair #63 ( )

Feel free to use in pictures, movies and stories as long as you like back here.
Feel free to redistribute Platina's dress(it's a maxis recolor/edit anyway).

Please do NOT re-upload her face sculpt, alter it, or claim it as your own.


Custom Content by Me:
- Valkyrie Profile: Platina Sim
- Blue Bow Retexture
- Platina's Dress

Custom Content Included:
- Eyebrows by Rose
- Auge 12 - Eyes by oepu
- "Hematite Dust" Blush by liegenschonheit

Additional Credits:
Platina, story and all Valkyrie Profile related items are copyrighted to Tri-Ace and Square Enix.