Moi's Neighbourhood Water Global Mod - Rouge, Deep Blue, Deep Green, AprilFool, Mirrory (All versions except Aprialfool's BV) + neighbourhood camera mod

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Uploaded: 25th Mar 2007 at 2:41 PM
Updated: 4th Mar 2010 at 11:40 AM
Introduction & Compatibility:

Sorry for the file mis-packaging.
the weirdo and the mirrory sets are currently under fixes.

These groups of series are a global neighbourhood water mod to over-ride the default one.
1. a reddish water (Moi_neighbourhoodWaterRouge-fix2.rar)
2. a deep blue one (Moi_neighbourhoodWaterBleuDeep-f1.rar)
3. a deep green one (Moi_neighbourhoodWaterGreen.rar)
4. A weirdo one (Moi_shaderNeighbourhood-Weirdo1.rar) [4b. the April-fool one; #4c#]
5. Recolouring templates for all 5 versions (matShaderNeighborhood_RecolouringTemplate-EPs0to5.rar) [#5b#]
6. A greyish Mirrory one (Moi_neighbourhoodWaterMirrory.rar)

7. A neighbourhood camera mod "NeighborhoodCamera.rar", just decompress it, back up the original one, and overwrite @ "C:\...\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Cameras"

The weirdo one is for funs only unless it fits a theme of yours.
Originally Posted by the clean-up version of the description
this neighbourhood mod does have jokes in it... The community lots will be highlit with missing texture of numeric characters... The residential lots will be highlit with the original community highlight... the sky is done with a texture of low resolution. and surely other random but stable changes... so, it shouldn't B problematic but jus some graphical confusions.

The water is kinda yellowish & brownish sort of like sewage!
the sky is yellow-reddish.
The reflection is kinda great.
Most stones are reddish.
The water level is high.
The terrain is variedly scaled.

Recolouring template
(being revised)

1. No redistribution of this mod outside of MTS2.
2. For lot-sharing with this mod, please link back to the original thread just in case of any updated infos and any reported unforeseen problem(s).
3. Maxis is creditted for its shader. Thanks them for these.
4. Pandorasims is banned to use or host all my creations or provided infos
5. Except Pandora sims, everyone else is welcome to study, improve and refine it, and release their owns.

Additional Credits:

1. For the deep blue one,
Such colour was suggested by Claeric and phantomgremlock.
The colour definition was suggested by Claeric.

2. For the deep green one,
The colour and colour definition was suggested by rook_cheshire.

3. Thanks to phantomgremlock and rook_cheshire for all the nice feedbacks so that I can know how they appear in low-end video-cards...

There are currently 5 versions for each series.
--"EP0" means the base game.
--"EP1", "EP2", "EP3-4", "EP5" stand for the corresponding EP.

EP0-TS2 & EP1-UNI users may use "...-EP0-TS2_EP1-UNI.package"
EP2-NL & EP3-OFB & EP4-Pets users may use "...-EP2-NL_EP3-OFB_EP4-Pets.package"
EP5-SS & EP6-BV & EP7-FT & EP8-AL & SP M&G users may use "...-EP5-SS_EP6-BV_EP7-FT.package"

Since EP3 and EP4 have the same version of the shader, they share the same mod version. The same for EP5, EP6, EP7, EP8 and SP M&G.

Choose ONLY one of them at a time.
Just dump the appropriate version of the package into the downloads folder for the highest version of your running game.

May use it along with "Moi_Targa_Pond_Water_Rouge"
from Targa's pond water mod for further reddish lusts...!