1600 Baroque Hair Mesh + Recolor Template (used to be pay!)

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Uploaded: 12th May 2007 at 5:16 PM
Updated: 31st Mar 2016 at 12:07 AM by Nysha
This creation is hosted here with permission from the amazing Sussi, who is moving on from simming to adopt a baby. All thanks and congratulations to Sussi!

Name: 1600 Baroque Hair (MESH_SUSSI_1600hair_all.rar)
Gender: Female
Ages: Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Poly Count: 7718 polygons, 5606 vertices (Quite high! Use sparingly!)
  • Recolouring Template (See below for details)

Recolouring Template ONLY! This was one of Sussi's pay hairs from her site before it closed. She has authorized upload of her pay meshes but NOT with the original textures. Therefore, the only recolour for this hair mesh included is a recolouring template - an extracted UV map so that other creators may take it upon themselves to retexture this hair. This is NOT meant to be downloaded by the general downloading public and is NOT useful unless you are a creator.

The pictures included of the actual textured mesh are included simply so you can see what this mesh is capable of with a nice texture. Yes, this is non-standard, but Sussi felt it would not be fair to those who had paid for her meshes to give away the whole mesh and recolour set for free. Please, no paysite debates here - either wait until someone has made a nice retexture for it and then download that, or just move along. Thanks.

If you retexture this mesh and post the recolours on a site other than MTS2... PLEASE PM HystericalParoxysm with a link to your retexture, so that she may add a link prominently in this post for downloaders. Retextures posted on MTS2 will automatically be linked on this thread. Thank you!

Also recoloured here:
  • P.Tsukimi at Sims2Love (broken link removed by admin)

Sussi's Policies:
  • Including Content With Sim Uploads: You may use Sussi's eyes, makeup, hairstyles, and jewelry for sim uploads with credit to Sussi. Please link back to the appropriate thread so that downloaders may get the required mesh!
  • Textures: Please do not reuse Sussi's textures in any form. If you are recolouring her meshes please make your own textures - do not change or use hers in whole or in part.
  • Recolours: See above regarding textures. You may post your -retextures- of Sussi's meshes for free download (not for pay, donation, or profit) and include the mesh, with credit, with your uploads.
  • Linking: Please link back here if you use Sussi's work in accordance with these policies, so others may find her work.
  • Movies/Stories/Pictures: Use freely.
  • Other: No uploading, recoloring, copying, cloning, or editing of Sussi's skins, hair colors and all textures (including clothing, hair, eyes, makeup, etc.). Do NOT change the 3d shapes of her meshes. Do not redistribute any of her donation files. Do not claim her work as your own.
  • Special Hair Policy: Sussi's hairs were created before technology to easily animate hair was in place. She will allow edits of her hair meshes to add "sway-in-the-breeze" animation, providing you post the edited meshes to MTS2 only, with credit for the original.

Polygon Counts:
7718 polygons, 5606 vertices (high!)