Updated - Growup Boys Baseball Set

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Uploaded 16th May 2007 at 4:17 AM · Updated 21st Jun 2010 at 6:46 PM by rebecah : Updated bookcase

Update June 20, 2010

I have pretty much completely updated this set. If you have the previous version please remove it from your game as this will cause a conflict. To download new version please download the file that is called: Sims2Set_FullBaseballSet-Update

I've redone almost all of the meshes and reduced poly counts and added more recolors.

Updated May 19, 2007

I found that the bookcase shelves bled through the right side so I've fixed it. Sorry originally I'd forgotted to include the photo of bookcase and almost for got I'd even created it. Sorry for the inconvience.

Just overwrite the previous version please.


I believe all items are clones of non EP items.

The bed uses all maxis bedding and I really just remapped the country bed to create this to enable me to make the bed posts with the baseball tops. I did clone the most expensive non EP bed to create it and to give higher comfort level etc.

Toddler set can be found here along with the bat and extras.

I have added the toddler set to this post because the files were lost on www.sim2valley, due to a data base error. Thanks to Scary69 for making me aware of this problem.

List of files included


Polygon Counts:
Bookcase face count 1902 vertex 1809
Desk face count 3914 vertex 2904
Endtable face count 3562 vertex 2234
Bed face count 2088 vertex 2234
Table Lamp face count 622 vertex 634

Additional Credits:
Thanks for all the great tutorial people have written. Especially JWoods for his very well written easy to understand tutorial. Found here on MTS2.

Thanks to creators of SimPE and Numenor.

Thanks to everyone that helps make all this possible.