Russian Food Pack, part2: 6 new meals on plates - updated July 05, 2007

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Uploaded: 4th Jul 2007 at 6:51 PM
Updated: 5th Jul 2007 at 6:40 PM
Finally, some more Russian foods for your hungry sims

Common notes.
1. All meals require custom plates - attached in OBJ_plateshohlomaJasana.rar - and, in addition, herring salad and meat jelly use different serving platter - attached in OBJ_dishfishhohlomaJasana.rar - so make sure you downloaded and placed all needed plates to your Downloads folder (or any subfolder) if you are downloading any meal.
2. All meals 'override' Maxis food tray (when taken from fridge). It's not a real override - there's no additional package, and other foods wouldn't be affected. Texture for it is borrowed from serving platter, so make sure you get it.
3. All meals are created in Base Game and are compatible with any addons.
Changed: with this hack, these meals will have Call To Meal interaction - please re-download the plates if you got them earlier. However, the interaction is available only when you click on an empty spot of the plate
If you have Seasons addon installed, these meals have additional behavior:
- if there's fresh food in your fridge, these meals turn 'magic' like other meals
- meat jelly cools Sim when eaten
4. Meal menus are currently available in English, German and Russian (herring salad and meat jelly - English and Russian only). If someone wants proper menus for other languages - please help me to translate meal names to your language.

Known problem.
When you prepare herring salad or meat jelly via Make Many interaction, food will be rotated on plate This occurs with Maxis meals as well (but not as obvious since their serving plates are round), and I didn't found a fix for this. Please use Make interaction instead.

Now, more details about each meal.

Caviar Hamburger - hamburgers aren't traditional Russian dish but caviar is. This meal was inspired by a picture of black-and-red-caviar-hamburger, found on the net - I thought it would be funny (and, really, a big threat to one's health).
No Cooking skill is required.
Caviar Hamburgers can be eaten anytime - for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Caviar Crepes, unlike hamburgers, are traditional dish. (Not that it's eaten too often )
Group meal consists of 8 servings instead of usual 6 - to match the mesh.
Cooking skill 3 is required.
Caviar Crepes can be eaten anytime - for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Meat Rissoles - shortened for menu, these are potato rissoles with meat stuffing, original name - 'zrazy'.
Cooking skill 3 is required.
Rissoles can be eaten anytime - for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Rissoles can be cooked in 3 ways - on stove, in microwave, and in baking oven.

Herring Salad - not the best name for this salad, but I can't found better Exact translation of Russian naming would be 'herring under fur-coat'. This salad consists of multiple layers, with chopped herring as bottom and red beet root with mayonnaise as top, the rest of components may vary - potatoes, carrots, eggs, onions, sometimes even green apples. It's really yummy thing
Cooking skill 3 is required.
Herring salad can be eaten anytime - for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Herring salad is prepared as Group meal only.
Note that it uses fish-shaped serving plate, don't forget to grab it.

Aspic (former Meat Jelly, thanks to CatOfEvilGenius for correction) - we call it 'holodets' (from word 'holod'='cold'). The jelly part is made of meat broth.
No cooking skill is required, since meat jelly isn't really cooked - normal preparation process cannot be made, so it's just taken ready from the fridge. For the same reason, sims can eat it any time.
Only with Seasons addon, only withing 2 hours after cooking, eating meat jelly cools down sim a bit.
Meat jelly becomes spoiled in 3 hours after preparation - it's jelly, don't expect it to last too long

Apple Pie doesn't need additional comments, I guess There are pies in the game already, but I simply wanted a 'normal', square one, and eaten with hands :D
Cooking skill 3 is required.
Apple pie is cooked as dessert - for Lunch and Dinner only.

Technical details.
Foods, as usual, are animated by changing graphic; therefore, I'll give poly counts only for one of states, where they are highest (usually preparation state).
Caviar hamburger - 2292 faces, 1710 vertices.
Caviar crepes - 1606 faces, 1096 vertices.
Meat rissoles - 1456 faces, 1029 vertices.
Herring salad - 1744 faces, 1288 vertices.
Meat jelly - 48 faces, 96 vertices.
Apple pie - 1990 faces, 1371 vertices.
All meshes made in 3dsmax.
Herring salad uses sandwich preparation animation - it's not exactly what you'd want here, but chop/season preparation (the closest by sim animations) don't update the tray during seasoning.

To skankyboy, for the smd plugin.
To Peter Jones, for PJSE plugins.
To Akulina, for the screenshots.

Meals aren't recolorable - you have to clone them even if you want to just change texture. Ask for permission if you want to clone a meal. I'm likely to give permission if result is going to be free
Please don't redistribute these meals, as well as other my objects - give link to the thread where you got them instead.

Updated on July 5, 2007: replaced all plates to work with CallToMeal hack; replaced OBJ_holodetsJasana.rar - corrected menu.