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Adrasteia Natural Curls Hair Mesh for Females (All Ages!)

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Uploaded: 14th Aug 2007 at 4:32 PM
Updated: 17th Aug 2007 at 8:40 AM
Yay, my 100th upload!

I can barely believe I've made this much crap! But I figured I needed to make something special for my 100th, so I put myself to the challenge of making my own hair when I leave it natural: a big fluffy, frizzy, barely-tamed mess of natural curls, waves, and snarls. By far the hardest hair yet, but I'm pleased with the result and it was worth the ridiculous number of hours I've spent staring at it.
  • Adrasteia New Mesh: Completely new mesh for child through elder - layers of thick natural curls, parted to one side, flowing over the shoulders with a gentle sweep toward the back.

  • Toddler Hair: For toddlers, since I didn't think this very thick, longer style was appropriate, I've reworked the toddler version of Nouk's Own Hair to remove the bangs and used it as my toddler mesh (with Nouk's permission, of course).

  • The Texture: The texture for these is also from Nouk's Own Hair, used with her permission. The blonde textures are Lavsm's blonde recolours of Nouk's Own Hair, used with Lavsm's permission. What can I say, it's a lovely texture and Nouk's hair looks just like mine when I pull it back.

  • Animation: The hair animates quite smoothly, especially considering how much contact it has with the shoulders and around the face. It's not absolutely perfect (but then, watch a Maxis hair mesh sometime real closely) but I've done my best to get it to animate fairly naturally for the style (which tends to be a little stiff - curls kinda stick together). You'll get smooth head turns and it even looks good in back when a sim has their head tilted back. You may experience minor clipping into the body around the shoulders in situations of, err, heavy shrug (or into the face during a drastic head turn), but again, you get that with Maxis hair too, and I've tried to minimize it as much as possible. You may also experience some minor clipping on the little bit that crosses the forehead on certain face shapes - it is rare and only happens on sims with big ol' domey foreheads.

  • Binned/Unbinned: Binned recolours come in black (hey, check it out, it's not just dark brown this time!), dark brown, medium brown, caramel brown, light blonde, dark blonde, ginger red, sunset red, and burgundy red. Unnatural (*) custom recolours come in white (blonde brows) and wine red (black brows).

  • Minor Transparency Issues: Just so ya'll know, there's some quite minor transparency issues mostly on the underside around the neck. It shows up a bit more when the head's turned, but is really fairly minor and not that noticeable. You can see it about at its worst in this pic below... arrows are pointing to the transparency edges. Due to this mesh having so many layers and being so complex, it was pretty unavoidable, but is, again, very minor.

  • High Poly Alert: It's pretty impossible to make what looks like natural curls out of really flat pieces. Due to the lumpiness and complexity required to make this hair look right, this hair has somewhat more than double the poly count of the highest Maxis hair mesh I know of. I do not believe this will cause any problems for anyone - just don't put this hair on every sim in a big family if you've got a crappy graphics card. You don't have to be scared of it - it won't hurt your game or anything (many commonly-used custom meshes are much higher and cause no real issues)... just be aware of it and use sparingly.

Thanks To:


I seriously considered calling this the "Ripped Off Of Nouk" hair for a while, besides the fact that she let me use her toddler mesh, the 15 group cloneable to make this possible was from her, and the texture was hers originally, she also helped me tons along the way with tips, moral support, squealing, and generally being a totally kickass meshing buddy. With her help I'm starting to be able to get my hair to look a little more like actual body and volume, something I've always admired in her hairs.

So, again... Thank you Nouk!!!

Thanks also to Tiggerypum for constant moral support, opinions, and advice. To Wes_h for his beautiful set of plugins, including but not limited to Unimesh. Couldn't do it without you. Thanks go to everyone who has contributed to the development of SimPE, as well as the makers of Milkshape - couldn't do it without you, either. Also, thanks to everyone in the IRC chat and MSN (you know who you are) who offered opinions, encouragement, and talking me down when I was emo and angsty over it. Also also, thanks to Lavsm for giving me permission to use the better blonde recolours of Nouk's hair.

And as always, thanks to the rest of the MTS2 staff, especially Delphy, for giving me such a great place to learn how to make pretty things for pixel dolls.

Did I mention that Nouk deserves a big thanks? Well, in case I didn't.... OMG THANKS NOUKIE!!!1111einz

Model Credits:

The model is my sim Ella, who is an edit of Linuslover30's Cake Tiers sim. Ella is wearing:
Polygon Counts:
Toddler: 2112 polygons, 1309 vertices (high end of normal)
Child - Elder: 6684 polygons, 4011 vertices (rather high - use sparingly)

Additional Credits:
Did I mention Nouk?