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Potty for Planters

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Uploaded: 4th Sep 2007 at 1:17 PM
Updated: 15th Jan 2009 at 10:53 AM
Hello again,
10 pots for my 10th upload (took me a while but I've got there eventually) and the last of a greenfingered trio:

A smattering of traditional shapes in warm and well worn earthy tones. You can leave them empty or fill 'em up, your choice

They are listed under dec/plants because thats where the first lot of my planters are and there is nothing to stop you from using them indoors.

For planter no 1 and basic instructions look here

For a selection of plants that you can use with these planters look here

The collection file can be found in the verdant velvet set over in the gardening section, you know...where you can find the big spikey plant that adorns many a front sim lawn. Okay, I'm going back indoors now for what will hopefully be a warm and bright autumn. I hope you'll be able to put these to good use.

Polygon Counts:
planter no 2 small: 312
planter 2 large: 312
planter 3 small: 168
planter3 large:168
planter 4 small:352
planter 4 large:352
planter 4 largest:352
planter 5 small:312
planter 5 large:312

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Milkshape, Uvmapper and of course MTS2 where you can learn something new every day.