The Sims 2:Spooks Pack (Uncompleted)

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2007 at 7:54 PM
These are all of the objects from my canceled Spooks Pack. Enjoy them!
All comments welcomed and appreciated. There are 11 new meshes here.

1. Kicking Coffin – Spooky Coffin to kick down!
2. Blinking Witch Head – A living dead witch head that blinks!
3. Spooks Animated Portrait - Eyes blink and move up and down on Portrait!
4. Cemetery Sign – Cemetery Sign Entrance *SIMS CAN'T WALK THROUGH*
5. Flickering Lamp – Lamp that flickers on and off!
6. Disappearing Eyed Monster – Zombie in ground whose eyes disappear!
7. Scarecrow Bench – Scarecrow you can sit next to on a bench!
8. Color Changing Eyed Skeleton Candles – Self explanatory,lol :D
9. Black Leaves Tree – A dead tree with black leaves!
10. Spooks Chair – A spooky chair for your simmies to sit in!
11. Spooks Sign – Spooky sign that tells you which direction to go in!

Polygon Counts:
1. Kicking Coffin – (Package File=F-P Kicking
Faces=24, Vertices=48
2. Blinking Witch Head – (Package File=F-P Blinking Witch
Faces=953, Vertices=713
3. Spooks Animated Portrait – (Package File=F-P Spooks Animated
Faces= 132, Vertices= 215
4. Cemetery Sign – (Package File=F-P Cemetary
Faces=66, Vertices=128
5. Flickering Lamp – (Package File=F-P Flickering
Faces=518, Vertices=645
6. Disappearing Eyed Monster – (Package File=F-P Dissappearing Eyed
Faces=2,081, Vertices=1,167
7. Scarecrow Bench – (Package File=F-P Scarecrow
Faces=5,604, Vertices=4,515
8. Color Changing Eyed Skeleton Candles – (Package File=F-P Color Changing Eyed Skeleton
Faces=1,986, Vertices=2,770
9. Black Leaves Tree – (Package File=F-P Black Leaves
Faces=958, Vertices=673
10. Spooks Chair – (Package File=F-P Spooks Chair AND
Faces=858, Vertices=646
11. Spooks Sign – (Package File=F-P Spooks Chair AND
Faces=26, Vertices=52

Additional Credits:
Maxis, EA Games, Sapphire Sims 2,Jasana_BugBreeder, Tracey, Reflex Sims, SimPE, MTS2.