1003, LauStarter Lane - 2x2 - 2BR - 1,5 BA - 17495 § - Unfurnished

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Uploaded 1st Dec 2007 at 9:47 PM · Updated 9th Oct 2008 at 9:35 PM by mike19

This lot comes UNFURNISHED

Screenshots or slideshows where you can see the lot furnished are for demonstrative purposes only


1.1 - Required EPs and SPs

Please, read carefully

- Required EPs: University; Nightlife; Open for Business; Seasons (*Pets and Bon Voyage could be required*).

- Required SPs*: None. (*Family Fun Stuff, Glamour Life Stuff, Celebration Stuff, H&M Stuff could be required*).

* Please, keep in mind I have all EPs and SPs in my computer. So I could have missed something that was from an EP or SP I did not mentioned. If the lot would not work properly, that could be the cause. In that case, I beg your pardon *

1.2 - Summary

- Lot size: 2X2

- Price: 17495,00 §

- Main features: 1 open space floor (Living & kitchen area; WC) and fully enjoyable basement (2 rooms; 1 bathroom)

- Expandibility: A car driveway can be placed at the side of the building; in the garden there's enough place for a little greenhouse, fruit trees and a little pond

- Furnishing: NO. Only bathrooms are furnished. You can see a "furnished home demo" at Photobucket.com

1.3 – Detailed description

Who the hell said our starter sims have to live in horrible dumps?!

Being part of the LauStarter Lane Series, this little, but comfortable home in a classic style is developed on an open space floor and a fully enjoyable basement. And, yes, it costs only 17495 §!!!

The large and bright first floor is ideal for the living area, with all the room you need for a little but functional dinette kitchen, and sitting areas. Walls, adorned with elegant mouldings and corona in light wood, were recently repainted in beige and Sienna ground shades. These, with the precious and solid wood floor, create a warm and comfortable room.

The basement was recently renewed, and it features a spare area, floored in teak wood; a large and cosy bedroom, featuring precious wallpaper and soft carpet floor; a further room, again with wallpaper and carpet floor, usable as study or bedroom. Both rooms are equipped with an in-wall cabinet. Small and elegant windows give and an adequate brightness to the rooms.

Furthermore, this home is equipped, in the basement, with a bathroom featuring tub and shower. While, on the first floor, there is a useful WC.

At the side of the building there's enough space to place a car diveway, in the future. Furthermore, on the backyard, in the little garden, you will be able to place your greenhouse, fruit trees and a little pond, if you want.

This lot is the ideal solution for those good taste singles or young couples, who are searching an economic home.

To see how nice this home could be when is furnished, take a look at this slideshow at Photobucket.com.


2.1 – Custom Content

All custom content used in this lot, and next reported in the following list, it is already included in the .sims2pack file.

The lot was scanned and cleaned using Sims2Pack Clean Installer.

From ModTheSims2.com:

- Entrance door and most first floor windows are part of Eclectic Expressions Set by macarossi

- Bathrooms and basement windows are parte of Independent Expressions Expansion Set by MaryLou

- External brick covering of the basement is from Simply Brick Collection by kittyispretty69

- Wood floors that cover first floor and part of the basement floor are by Tjobby

- Bathrooms tile wall and floor covering are parte of Kcrafts Granite Weave Tile Series by hagerks

- The Build-in Closet in the basement rooms is a marmy's creation

2.2 - Credits

Thanks to plasticbox of ModTheSims2.com, for his useful tutorial Observations on basements, about how to build a naturally brightened and fully enjoyable basement.


3.1 – What you can do with this lot

- You can make your sims live in it (included vampires, aliens, vegesims, werewolves… and… yes, Mrs. Crumplebottom and the Useless Charlatan, too)

- You can use it in your legacies and/or sim-stories. In that case a credit would be appreciated, but not obligatory

- You can modify it inside your game, for game reasons and because of your personal taste

- You can make it a pile of smoking rubble, and let a fire destroy it. Even if the fire is caused by the burnt dinner right the day the private school principal came to your sims home

3.2 – The one thing you CAN'T do with this lot

- You CAN'T redistribute it, in anyway, on any web site or web space, claiming it as yours. You can't do it even if you modify this lot. At least you modify it so much to make it a totally different house from the original one made by me. I spend a lot of time creating my houses. Even a small one like this. So, please, DON'T STEAL MY CREATIONS! :cylon:


4.1 - Is this lot safe?

All of my lots are scanned and cleaned using Sims2Pack Clean Installer, they are game tested and 100% hack free .

4.2 - Is this lot furnished?

All the lots I upload are UNFURNISHED, and so that’s the way they get in your computer. So all of the screenshots included in the zip, where you can see the home furnished, are for demonstrative purposes only.

I will never upload furnished lots, and that’s not because I’m a lazy person (who ever tried to build a home with TS2 should know that’s not the kind of thing a lazy person could do ).

First, because I have a lot of not redistributable and/or pay stuff in my Downloads folder.

Then, this is my own choice. Because I think the way you furnish a home, that’s the way you are and there’s nothing more personal than furnishing in homes we and our sims live. So, I give you the shell. How you stuff it, it’s up to you and your personal taste.

If you'd like too see how could be this home when is furnished, or simply want furnishing suggestions, take a look at this slideshow at Photobucket.com.

4.3 - Is this the first lot you ever built?

Last, but not least. if you're wondering why the hell I used "1003" in the lot name, or you already understood there are the 1001 and 1002, give a look at my space at ModTheSims2.com.

I hope you and your sims will really enjoy it...
Happy simming :D

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: 17495 §

Custom Content Included:
- Marmy's Clothes Rack by Marmy
- Wood flooring - Parquet by Tjobbyd
- Wood flooring - Hard wood floor by Tjobbyd
- Simply Brick Collection by kittyispretty69
- Part of the Granite Weave Tile Series by hagerks
- Part of the Granite Weave Tile Series by hagerks
- Part of the Granite Weave Tile Series by hagerks
- Part of the Granite Weave Tile Series by hagerks
- Independent Expressions Inc. - Privacy Window by MaryLou
- Independent Expressions Inc. - Privacy Window - Top by MaryLou
- Independent Expressions Inc. - Privacy Window- Double by MaryLou
- Indipendent Expression Inc. - 3Tiles Privacy Window by MaryLou
- Eclectic Expressions by macarossi
- Eclectic Expressions Inc., "Non-Reflective" Window by macarossi
- Eclectic Expressions sidelight by macarossi
- Kitchen Window by macarossi

Additional Credits:
Thanks to plasticbox of ModTheSims2.com, for his useful tutorial Observations on basements.

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Unfurnished

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