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Glitched-Up H&M Jeans FIXED! And Untucked! For Both Genders! Triple Yay!

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Uploaded: 15th Jan 2008 at 8:14 AM
Updated: 22nd May 2009 at 9:25 PM - editing keywords
Oh Maxis. The jeans that came with H&M Stuff are hot. And those sleek waistlines make 'em look so untuckable! But alas, 3 out of the 5 new styles are so glitchy that even some Maxis tops don't work properly with them. Wanna know why? The meshes (3 of 'em) and textures (8 of 'em) are incorrectly labelled as full body outfits instead of pants.

So I fixed 'em.

What's What:

DEFAULT_REPLACEMENT_MOD_fanseelamb_hm-jeans-fix.rar - Default-replacement mod that fixes all the glitchy Maxis jeans. Put it in your Downloads or Saved Sims folder. Be careful not to delete these Maxis jeans from Body Shop or CAS! Doing so may corrupt your game files. It should be easy to avoid, they do have the H&M icon and no CC asterisk so you'll know they're Maxis pants.

fixed-hm-jeans_female_untucked.rar - "Untucked" recolours of the fixed female jeans (the ones with heels, style 3 in the pics.) The bottom of "untucked" shirts worn with these jeans will be distorted quite a bit, so I suggest you pair them with plain shirts or tops with abstract patterns. Avoid shirts with text down there. That's just how the mesh is, it's not something that's easily fixed.

fixed-hm-jeans_male_deboxed.rar - Recolours of the fixed male jeans (style 2 in pics) with the boxers removed. These didn't "untuck" well so I settled for just removing the boxers.

fixed-hm-jeans_male_untucked.rar - "Untucked" recolours of the fixed male jeans (style 1 in pics.)

non-borkinated-hm-jeans_female_untucked.rar - "Untucked" recolours of the other female H&M jeans (style 4 in pics.) These weren't broken in the first place so they're not fixed... just recoloured. Because I felt like it.

non-borkinated-hm-jeans_male_untucked.rar - "Untucked" recolours of the other male H&M jeans (style 5 in pics.) These weren't broken in the first place so they're not fixed... just recoloured. I know migamoo already "untucked" these and made some default replacements, but I felt like doing my own versions to keep 'em all together and stuffs.... so there you have it. Since these are *not* fixed, you can also use her deboxed default-replacements without conflicts.

Important Note:
Recolours of the broken Maxis pants will not work properly with this mod installed. Conversely, recolours of these fixed pants will not work properly without the mod installed. To fix recolours made without the mod installed, just follow this little tutorial.

Untucked Note:
The "untucked" pants will look real silly with standard length tops. You'll need some long skintight tops to pair them with. Here's a bunch for males and a bunch for females.

Picture Credits:
All custom tops and hair made by me, with some meshes from HystericalParoxysm and Kavar. Visit my profile page to find 'em. (Female tanktops not available.) Glasses by HystericalParoxysm.

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to Tiggerypum, HystericalParoxysm, Wes_h, The SimPE & Milkshape teams, Delphy, the MTS2 staff & all you awesome members, and Rufus Wainwright's lederhosen.