Ace Attorney - Apollo Justice - Part 1 Phoenix & Apollo

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Uploaded: 8th Mar 2008 at 9:51 PM
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Long time no see! This is part 1 of 3 of the Ace Attorney - Apollo Justice outfits I'm going to do (and of course I still haven't done Phoenix Wright females yet -_-;, sorry guys thanks for being patient). In terms of this set it'll probably go something like this: Part1 - Phoenix & Apollo (done, yay!), Part 2 - Trucy & Ema (though Trucy's cape is already troubling me), Part 3 - Klavier & Kristoph (I really would like to have a hair similar to the game's but no guarantees since I suck at hair).

Some Details:
Phoenix Wright
- Top - Nick's hoodie is a recolor or migamoo's H&M hoodie separates the mesh is included but go over there and download some other colors so Trucy can do the laundry.
- Bottom - I just swapped out the feet of a pair of nightlife pants for a sandals friendly pair and darkened the original texture.
- Hat/Hair - He wouldn't be HoboHodo without this tacky beanie and I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's a mixture of burglar beanie, Seasons beanie and I used the basegame one as a guide to mush it into shape. The wonderful teal (or aqua?) texture is by CatOfEvilGenius . It's color binned under black for YA-Elder and appears under any outfit type.
- The necklace he's wearing is by The T and you can download it here.

Apollo Justice
- Suit - First I'd like to thank tiggerypum for letting me edit her Slimmer Glamorous Life Vest, it was perfect for the job. And I'd also like to thank fanseelamb for letting us use her textures. I took the dress shirt rolled up sleeves from these outfits. I rolled up the sleeves, made the bottom of the vest pointy, and threw on some dressier pants. It's found under Everyday and Formal. (the watch in the picture is just a Bon Voyage watch subbing in for his bracelet)
- Eyebrows - his funny forked eyebrows are included in the download.
- Hair - I agonized over this part for some time and eventually went with a recolor/alpha edit of Nouk's Weirdness Hair (you'll need to download the mesh). I used a Maxis texture since I thought it matched the drawings a little better. I'm sorry, I looked and looked and can't find where I downloaded the sideburns to save my life. His hair is binned under brown for YA-Elder.

Mesh Policy:
Re-texture, improve, mutilate, my files as much as you want, just throw out a line of credit and keep it free.

Polygon Counts:
- MESH_izz_pheenybeanieAM: 430
- MESH_izz_pantssandalsAM: 922
- MESH_izz_AMapollosuit:2226