Ace Attorney - Prodigy Prosecutors + Bonus

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Uploaded: 6th Apr 2009 at 8:06 PM
Updated: 27th Aug 2011 at 7:52 AM - added comparison pic
Phew, it took me over a year, but I finally worked up the motivation to start creating again. First up after my long hiatus are a pair of prodigy prosecutors from Germany Franziska von Karma and Klavier Gavin and a bonus young Phoenix Wright. These are not full sims and I do not intend on uploading them as full sims. See the details below for what is and isn't included. Files have been Compressorized.

Klavier Gavin:
- Download includes outfit/mesh and hair recolor/alpha edit.

- Suit is for Adult Males (and Young Adult if you have Uni), categorized as Everyday and Formal, has correct footsteps.
- Pocket chain is alpha editable and the outfit is bumpmap enabled.
- Pants textures are by Aikea Guinea with some minor tweaking by me to make them darker and less worn. Shoe textures are also by her.
- The mesh's ankles and shoes are by Aikea Guinea which she kindly gave me permission to use, as such please respect her Terms of Use as well in regards to this mesh. The mesh also has a fatmorph.
- The rings and earrings he is pictured with are a combination of Bon Voyage jewelry and Aikea Guinea's layerable rings and piercing sets which can be downloaded at Club Crimsyn under TSR Sets. They are not included.

- Mesh is not included, download it at SimsCave
- Blond only, color binned, all ages, Elder gray.
- The texture used is Yuxi's edit of Nouk's textures.
- Slightly alpha edited by me, due to the way it was mapped I could not change it too much (i.e. I couldn't get rid of the curls without also loosing the end of the braid).

Franziska von Karma:
- Download includes outfit/mesh and earrings recolor.
- Suit is for Adult Females (Young Adult), Everyday and Formal, correct footsteps.
- Broach, buttons, and cuff links are alpha editable and are reflective if you have that enabled, the outfit is bumpmap enabled.
- The shoes on the mesh are by Gothplague, formerly available at Insimenator, please credit her if you do anything with them.

- Mesh is not included, download it with Mirador by Eclipse.
- Textures are by Eclipse, I just adjusted the slider to change the color, they are reflective enabled etc. same as the original.
- The whip she is pictured with is by Rose Sims 2, under Magic on page 5 (note, the other half was edited out for the picture). Also not included, of course.

- The hair she is pictured with can be downloaded at SimsCave.
- Other nice recolors/retextures have been done by Coldfire and SnowWhite.

Phoenix Wright (young):
- Download includes outfit.

- Outfit is for Adult Males (Young Adult), Everyday and Outerwear, correct footsteps, bumpmap enabled (but not utilized).
- Mesh is not included, download it here by Cloudlessnights.

- Flu mask is by Crayonsama and can by downloaded here.

- Hair is by Eclipse and can be downloaded here.

Additional Credits:
Once again many, many thanks to the following creators for their wonderful creations and generous terms of use.
- Aikea Guinea - pants/shoes textures and mesh for shoes/pant cuffs
- Gothplague - mesh for shoes
- Nouk - hair textures (Yuxi for her edit of them)
- Eclipse - earrings textures