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"Lupine" Anthropomorph face archetype (non-replacement!)

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Uploaded: 14th Mar 2008 at 10:15 AM
Updated: 1st Jun 2008 at 1:23 PM
"Lupine" (wolf) is the first in a series of face archetypes. It has taken many hours of work, but I'm sure it was worth the effort (leave feedback if you like it).

Elders are shown in a thumbnail at the bottom

This archetype is complete, and has all eight age/gender meshes (toddlers and children use the same mesh for male/female)
The Elders use an "aged" version of the adult meshes (lowered throat, gaunt cheeks)

This archetype has no visible effect on newborns (that might be do-able with skintones)

You'll probably want to have some "furry" skintones before you use this archetype, as well as Atreya's ear mesh (this archetype has no ear definition, other than what comes from the texture).

This archetype has full use of the face customization tools (some customizations are exagarated, some are diminished) in Bodyshop and CAS (Create A Sim). To get the best use of the mesh, I recomend Bodyshop (particularly for being able to blend face-types with the sliders).

There only seems to be one problem (unresolvable); the lower teeth drop below the chin on rare occasions.

LOD15 is a chipmunk-looking archetype (remenants of the one this mesh was originally derived from. If I were to complete the LOD15, it would be the last thing I'd get to do before being put in a padded cell. Please don't ask me to do it.)

Since I didn't do a LOD15, the game MUST be run with Sim/Object Detail set High, otherwise the faces will either revert to the original chipmunk-looking face, or completely "melt"

(thanks, wonderboy!)

Because of drastic differences in meshes (not completely sure how faceBlendLimits works) You might have to turn off the face blending limits (faceBlendLimits[-on|-off]) for inter-species anthro's (or for human/anthro hybrids)

Note to fellow face-designers (and those who are currious):
This non-replacement uses sortindex 384 (hex 0x00000180).
I hope to be able to make my set contiguous (384, 385, 386, 387, etc,...), so if anyone has, or knows of, any non-replacement archetypes that make use of ID's 384 through 394 (or so), please let me know. I'd like to state that I have specific plans for 384 - 388, provided they aren't "taken" (I know nobody can actually claim slots, but it helps if people don't have to decide between two really unique and special archetypes, and I don't want to cause any ill-will ).

384 - Lupine (wolf/dog) - complete! :D
385 - Vulpine (fox) - morph between feline and lupine
386 - Feline (cat) - next
387 - Lepus (rabbit/hare)
388 - Rodent (short-muzzel)

There should be a wide range of possible "species" with the full set of archetypes, their morphs, and all of the accessories out there.

Polygon Counts:
737 x 8 face meshes

Additional Credits:
Tools: SimPE - Package Editor
Milkshape3D - Meshing
Adobe Photoshop - Texturing (for the displays)

dragonarts - Showing me to this site HOWTO: Creating non-replacement archetypes- UD 7/20/07)
NeyaQueenofBacon, Vampire_of_Death - encouragement and feedback
Zinthos, dragon_tfm, Solloby, forever_dark - encouragement

Sim Model Credits: (Parts used in the screenshots, not included)
Skintone - both modified from the "Black with white belly" skintone from genensims (hue/saturation/lum bright/contrast changed, and ear shading removed)
teru_k - Eyes "Ephemera_DollEye"
Genensims - Ear texture and whisker dots, nose (recolor)
Atreya - Ears mesh