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ToU: Please see individual posts for my creation policies. IN GENERAL, I have fairly liberal policies, but there are a few items that are subject to other creators' policies. Therefore, I don't have a blanket ToU.

Future expansion packs: due to the headaches I have experienced from SecurROM - including damage to my computer, a complete reinstall of my computer, and the need to buy a brand new antivirus program, and eventually the need to fully replace my computer due to unremovable rootkits that took advantage of the security loopholes caused by SecruROM - I will not purchase or install/reinstall any EA or Sony products. There are conditions that may cause me to change my mind, but I don't consider them likely. This means that if any of my CC is broken by an expansion or stuff pack, I won't know and I won't be able to work on fixing any potential problems. I grant anyone permission to patch my CC for compatibility with any Sims 2 expansion or stuff pack, as long as the patched items are 100% free.

Beyond that, I'm not interested in pirating securom-infested eps, and I would never help EA advertise malware-infested products by creating content for them, so please stop e-mailing me with 'helpful' information.

Which brings me to... Take the SecuROM-free pledge!

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