Conversion Clothes "light" -- A bunch of texture-referencing edits [Freetime]

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Uploaded 22nd May 2008 at 1:14 PM · Updated 22nd May 2008 at 8:55 PM by plasticbox

There have been a lot of great conversion meshes uploaded recently that come with the original Maxis textures as recolours -- perfect for people who don't have the EPs they're converted from, but for those who do it results in a lot of duplicate textures. My poor old computer can't handle a lot of custom content, so I made a couple of edits that reference the in-game textures directly instead of using separate recolours. They only weigh 1-2k each, as opposed to 200-800k.

This is part 2 of 2, with edits that require Freetime (see part 1 for Base Game, OfB, and Seasons stuff). All of the original Maxis colours included, except for tfbodyuberfamily, that's only the 4 dresses without aprons.

Files below are for the following meshes -- polygon counts I've copied from the original threads:

cloudlessnights - AF_FTConversionsSkirtStockings (TF->AF conversion of vest+skirt)
Vertices: 2044, Faces: 2436
cloudlessnights - AM_FTConversionsTech (TM->AM conversion of vest+jeans)
Vertices: 1626, Faces: 2122

migamoo - tfbodyexercise (AF->TF conversion of gymwear)
2558, 1875
migamoo - tfbodysporty (AF->TF conversion of gymwear)
2314, 1779
migamoo - tfbodyunitard (AF->TF conversion of gymwear)
2572, 2066
migamoo - tfbodytrackdance (AF->TF conversion of gymwear)
2578, 1921

migamoo - tfbodyuberfamily (AF->TF conversion of long dress)
2468, 1782
migamoo - tmbodycomfy (AM->TM conversion of shirt+shorts)
2362, 1806
migamoo - afbodycomfy (TF->AF conversion of shirt+shorts)
2296, 1770

Meshes are included with all of the downloads.

I've also thrown in two hidden recolours for the adult "bodysporty" mesh ( -- that's the green/pink and brown/blue versions versions of the tank top + long pants gymwear, not pictured but they look exactly like the teen ones. They don't need a separate mesh.

You can do what you want with this. Please link back to this thread when redistributing. Please respect that I don't do requests.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to cloudlessnights and migamoo for making the meshes, and to Phaenoh for her recent conversions which helped me figure this out.