Recolors & defaults of dragonmandy's misc. wonders eyes

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An additional dark blue recolor as well as alternative default sets with brown, grey, green, light blue and dark blue can be found here !

Hi everyone!

I immediately fell in love with dragonmandy's beautiful eyes she released yesterday. Since there was only one color per eye I asked her if I could make some recolors to fill in the five base colors, and she agreed - so here they are!

1. Seductive Eye V2 Recolors

Hair: Free Female Z054 by Peggyzone / Alpha-edit by me
Eyebrows by Helaene
Skintone: Compulsion-Louis-Realism-Blend by me

2. Beholder Eye Recolors

Hair by Helga86 for Justsims2
Eyebrows by Kamikitten
Skintone: Oepu-Louis-Peta-Blends by me

3. Hazel Love Recolors

Hair: Female #75-A by XMSims / Alpha-Edit by me
Eyebrows by Helaene
Skintone: @Stefan-Louis-Blends by me

There are five colors of every eye - brown, hazel, blue, grey and green. If you download the defaults then "hazel" will replace the dark blue Maxis eye. Please make sure to remove any other eye defaults before trying out any of these.

Please note: The defaults contain all five colors in one file because stupid me didn't consider some people liking only specific colors. I can make separates of them, though, if you want ...

Additional Credits:
A huge "thank you" to dragonmandy who's the genius behind these eyes! :D

Eye Type: Custom Default
Eye Style: Human Realistic

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