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Six Sim Realism Posters for your "Film and Literature" Enthusiasts

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2008 at 11:46 PM
I'm always looking for new "simlish" posters to decorate my sim's bedrooms. Since Free Time came out, I've made good use of the awesome movie posters I've found in this site, but I eventually wanted more variety.

I recently learned how to recolor Maxis meshes, so I used some pics I took from my on-going Legacy story to create my first set of sim realism movie posters.

There are a few familiar faces in these posters, as you'll soon find out:

Arr! The Search for the Hidden Booty
With Tim Broke (great-grandson of Beau Broke) as Salomon Bridges, Jan Tellerman as Dr. Lily Jones and two times Simmy Award winner Benjamin Long as the villain, Captain Tobias Greed.

(This is a recolor of the Surfing the Space Poster)

(This is a recolor of the Space Tech Poster. REQUIRES FREE TIME!)

Go Gerbitz! The Musical!
With Tosha Go and Ricky Cormier.

(Recolor of Itz Reggae Mon! Poster)

International Man of Mistery: Maxis 003
With Tim Broke and Ivy Copur

(Recolor of the Werewolf Movie Poster, REQUIRES FREE TIME)

Agent Smith vs the Mutant Infection Agents from Outer Space
With Johnny Smith as the hero and Ripp Grunt, Lilith Pleasant and Nervous Subject as the evil mutants who want to wipe out the green alien race from the face of Sim Earth.

(You can see the pics below, and these two posters are recolor of the Engineered Angst in Red Poster).

I hope you enjoy them!

Additional Credits:
"Arr! The Movie"
- Lot, Movie Set Collection Part 1- Suburban Street by Flabalike
- Female Pirate Outfit (Captain), by sherahbim.
- Male Pirate Outfit, recolor by jenfold (Scurvy Currs - 4 Pirate Outfits for Males and Females).
- Unlocked Pirate Outfit and eyepatch by fanseelamb.
- Tricorn Hat - Pirate Pt 4 by generalzoi, recolor by dewshine.

"International Man of Mistery"
Lot, Movie Set Collection Part 2- Urban Street by Flabaliki

"Agent Smith Vs the Mutant Infection Agents from Outer Space"
- Awesome Space Deco by jasonduskey
- Skins by Enayla (Pixie Realm)

Simlish Font by SiMale.