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Maxis Match Retexture of Nouk's Happy Braids Mesh

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Uploaded: 20th Oct 2009 at 6:22 PM
Hello there!

Besides posters and paintings, I also enjoy re-texturing my favorite hair meshes. My "style" of playing is somewhat "Maxis-Match", so I try to use skintones, eyes, hair and clothing that resembles the cartoony style of the Maxis designs.

I've always liked this mesh by Nouk, but her shiny (yet pretty) textures did not match with my cartoony sims. Now that I have a little bit of practice on retexturing hairs (and I was asked for this mesh in particular by a dear friend), I decided to give it a try.

The textures I used (which were adapted and recolored for this set) were originally made by Ninika from Summerdream Sims , whose policy allows adapting her lovely creations to other meshes.
(Thank you!)

Anyway, I hope you like these re-textures

Important Info
(Some of it comes from Nouk's original description of this mesh):

- Six binned and familied colors with correct eyebrows.
- The hair is animated.
- Ages toddler to elder (the Grey/Elder color is linked to the black file, so you'll need to keep it in your Download folder to have it show up in your game)
- This mesh has bumpmaps, therefore these files are larger than usual.
(this means that if your computer is slow, don't let a lot of sims wear this hair at the same time and in the same lot.)
- 4414 faces, 3013 vertices.

The mesh IS NOT INCLUDED, so please download it at Nouk's original thread.

- Have fun!

Additional Credits:

- Textures by Ninika.
- Mesh by Nouk.
- Eyes by SmJoshSims (@ Livejournal)
- Skin and makeup by Aquilegia.