Teen Prince Charming

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2008 at 9:52 AM
Updated: 8th May 2009 at 1:25 PM by Echo

Just a mesh age conversion from the Glamour mesh "ambodyroyaljacket" for teen male. Mesh-Coc-MTroyaljacket comes with the 3 EAmaxis textures and an UVmap and has a modest working fatmorph. Textures for this mesh will fit the adult mesh too. You don't need the Glamour Stuff pack to use this mesh.

When I made this I had a vision of a teen prince who had to choose from a lot of teen princesses at a ball or something, or fitting a shoe on Cinderella's feet. But those girl dresses toke much more work and I wasn't in time to enter the fairytale challenge.
I've already uploaded the teen princess dresses in the normal Formal Teen section, but upload this mesh in the Fairytale section as it is a real prince don't you think?
And as a prince needs a formal suit for different occasions I made 20 extra colours.

I've also made a little so called Default Replacement file that makes the ingame adultmale royaljacket textures available for Elder Male= Coco-DR-ambodyroyaljacket-Glamour+EM, but you need the Glamour stuff pack to use that. Normally the old King already died off course, but in my game he is retired and still attends balls and other formal occasions.
Just put it in your Downloadsfolder and the elder men will have a gala-uniform too. The textures won't have an Custom content asterix but the normal Glamour thingy/star in Bodyshop or CAS, but they can be deleted. If you don't want that you can put the Default Replacement file as Phaenoh advised :
Put Default Replacement files directly in (or make a subfolder) in this location: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\whichever is your highest expansion pack\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins, and the ingame textures won't have an custom content asterix and you can't accidently mess up your gamefiles by deleting them.

I like to thank the makers of the programs, tools and tutorials used to make this, especially Morague and Phaenoh for the info and tutorials about Default Replacement packs.

Polygon Counts:
Mesh-Coc-MTroyaljacket Poly/Facecount=2302 Vertexcount=1722

Custom Content by Me:
- Mesh-Coc-MTroyaljacket
- MTroyaljacket-Red
- MTroyaljacket-Black
- MTroyaljacket-Navy
- MTroyalPrince3r
- MTroyalPrince3w
- MTroyalPrinceK
- MTroyalPrinceH
- MTroyalPrince3h
- MTroyalPrinceD
- MTroyalPrince3u
- MTroyalPrinceB
- MTroyalPrince3i
- MTroyalPrince3q
- MTroyalPrinceJ
- MTroyalPrince3t
- MTroyalPrinceG
- MTroyalPrinceI
- MTroyalPrinceC
- MTroyalPrince3d
- MTroyalPrince3g
- MTroyalPrinceF
- MTroyalPrinceN
- MTroyalPrince3s
- Coc-DR-ambodyroyaljacket-Glamour+EM