Freezer Clock

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Uploaded: 14th Oct 2008 at 11:52 PM
Updated: 15th Oct 2008 at 9:57 AM
This object will allow you to stop the time in the sim world and/or freeze a sim individually in a middle of an animation sequence at the point of particular interest.

While this has little to no use for general gameplay, this is a nice tool for those who do stories, or at least it is for me. I'm tired of having to put in the "sethour" cheat since time keeps going on while I'm trying to get my sims to have the right pose. I've taken countless pics with the wrong lighting (i.e certain scenes that are supposed to be taken in daytime ended up in night time because I stupidly didn't realize that it was dark already), and I'm pretty much fed up with it.

Also, I often face difficulties configuring the perfect timing when I want to take a picture of two or more sims together with certain poses using some animation hacks. I just can't get them all in the right pose at the same time because they all keep moving around.

Note that this is not the same with the freeze time spell. That one freezes the time and the whole lot, including all the sims except the witch, while with this object you can choose each options independently.

It's in Misc/Misc and it costs 1 simoleon. Works for toddlers to elders, dogs and cats ("boolprop controlpets on" required).