Visitors, Stay off my stuff!

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2009 at 12:37 PM
Updated: 21st Mar 2014 at 10:00 PM - Edited to add Career Object to Mods
Three mods that crush the annoying, rude and anti-social behavior of visiting Sims in FreeTime. Keep them off of your Ballet Barre, Violin and Computer (Browse Web).

What they do:

Visitors will no longer beeline for the aforementioned objects, remaining glued to them until called for dinner. In fact, they will ignore your ballet barre, violin and computer entirely (unless they're tipping one of your playable Sims!).

These objects are still available for both selected and autonomous use by all Sims on Community Lots. So non-playables can use them on a business lot just fine, for instance.

Apartment Life:
If any of these objects are placed in a common area (with the associated mod installed), the object will be used by Sims in the currently played family only.

Objects function normally on Community Lots. In dorms, fraternities and houses, only Sims from the occupying family can access the objects.

This is the behavior I have observed, Please report any deviations or problems. Thanks!

UPDATE 06/04/2012: Finally added the Career Reward Ballet Barre

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Inge and Peter for keeping SimPE alive.
Thanks to J.M. Pescado and talented modders like Lord Darcy and 2Jeffs. I learn a lot by digging through their hacks.