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Update! Neo Angelique Project: Rayne

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Uploaded: 5th Feb 2009 at 8:25 PM
Updated: 24th Mar 2009 at 7:28 PM

Long time no uploading since MT Pollination hack.

Today I am addicted Neo Angelique.
This is a romance game for girls.

It is a very happy game.
Player lives with four beautil men, Aube hunter, and defeat monster.
But this is not the main purpose.
While Angelique(player)and Aube hunter are living together and traveling the world to defeat monster,
player can build up relationship with your favorite one.
It leads to LOVE Ending.
This is called Romance game.

I can't explain very well, so found Wiki if you are interested in this game.

Neo Angelique

I found this site for you

Neo Angelique English

I made one of Aube hunter.
He is Rayne.
18years old, but I made him as an adult.

He wears many accesaries and mentioned them in the game,
I made his accesarie MESH too! Texture has reflection!

Faces=1276, Vertices=1104
Age: Teen, Adult
Color bined

Faces=2629, Vertices=2395

Accesary MESH
Faces=220, Vertices=230


Seems like I didn't include accesary MESH.
I attached MESH file, now.
Please DL MESH file if you need

I hope you like it.

Custom content below are not Included.
You need Download thease.

SimCribbling~ Self-MakeUp #7 Skintones

Light skin

Doll Eyes

Silver Earrings & Studs for men. Mixable!

Custom contnt include

Eye Brows: Justsims2
Eyeliner 01


Custom Content by Me:
- Rayne
- Invisible_Blow_Pale
- Rayne_Pendant_SilverWind
- Hair_Rayne4_SilverWind
- MESH_Hair_Rayne
- Rayne_Red_Jacket_SilverWind
- MESH_Rayne_Jacket

Custom Content Included:
- Eye Brows by Barcelonista
- Eye liner by Barcelonista

Additional Credits:
alessandra1512 thank you for beautiful eyes!
sleepless_angel Thank you for earing!
Ren thank you for beautiful skin!
Justsims2 Thank you for beatiful brows and eyeliner!

SimPE, Milkeshape

Thanks! Tutorial on MTS2