Gotei 13 Career

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Uploaded: 25th Mar 2009 at 9:03 PM
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19th of April 2009 - IMPORTANT UPDATE!

The career is now all EP compatible!


25th of March 2009 - IMPORTANT UPDATE!
  • Modified wages
  • Modified Working Hours
  • Modified Required Skills

Been wanting to do this career for a while now. I've tested everything and it seems all right to me. But let me know if anything sounds fishy. I'll be uploading more screenshots soon.

There are 10 levels here:

1. Shinigami substitute {50§ - Mon, Tu, Thur, Fri, Sat}
Desc: Soul Society is reluctant to grant you trust, but seeing how strong your reiatsu is, they decide to employ you. You are now a Shinigami Substitute with limited powers.

2. Shinigami cadet {85§ - Tu, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat}
Desc: Hard work has given birth to trust from Soul Society. The 13 divisions have decided to promote you to Shinigami Cadet so that you can learn everything a real Shinigami needs to now in order to protect the world and stay alive while doing it.

3. 8th division –Third seat {150§ - Mon, Tu, Wed, Thur}
Desc: The Captain of the 8th Division, Kyouraku Shunsui has found great potential in you. All though the 8th division serves only as the mass reinforcement division, you are overwhelmed by the fact that you have finally been recognized as a quality Shinigami. You’ve been promoted to 8th Division’s Third Seat.

4. 8th division – Vice Captain {500§ - Mon, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun}
Desc: Being one of Captain Shunsui’s favorites, you’re promoted to 8th Division’s Vice Captain.

5. 4th division – Captain {1020§ - Tu, Fri}
Desc: Captain Shunsui had no intentions of retiring, but seeing your great potential as a Division Captain, he nominated you to lead the Fourth Division. Current 4th Division’s Captain Unohana is retiring and feels like you are the perfect candidate to lead her division. Even though this division specializes in Medical Assistance & Supply, you accept the job and get promoted to 4th Division Captain.

6. 3rd division – captain {1400§ - Mon, Tu, Wed, Sat, Sun}
Desc: The Gotei 13 feel that your hard work as the Captain of the Medical Assistance & Supply Division has been more than superb! You are promoted to Captain seat of 3rd Division, which specializes in Intelligence and Information.

7. 9th division – captain {1600§ - Mon, Tu, Wed, Thur, Fri}
Desc: Captain of the Ninth Division, Komamura Sajin has been killed in battle. He left a note in which he appointed you to lead his division as he believed your talent is being wasted behind the laboratory desks of the 3rd Division. You are now promoted to Captain of the 9th Division, specialized in Counter Intelligence that protects the information and deals with massive Hollow gatherings.

8. 2nd division – captain {1800§ - Mon, Tu, Wed, Sat}

Desc: Captain Soi Fong has abdicated from her Captain seat in the 2nd Division. Even though you feel like it’s one of the most dangerous divisions, as it specializes in Assassination & Undercover Operations, you apply for the job and get promoted to Captain of the Second Division.

9. 11th division – captain {2500§ - Mon, Fri, Sat}
Desc: Eleventh Division is said to be the most hardcore of all, as its members are always on the battle fronts and has the highest mortality rate. Nevertheless, you feel like you need more excitement in life and you request to lead the Eleventh Squad. All though Captain Kenpachi isn’t happy to hear this, he fights you and you win, gaining his Captain position.

10. Gotei 13 Commander {3100§ - Mon, Wed, Fri}
Desc: You’ve reached the top of the Gotei 13. Even though it was hard beating the old geezer, Yamamoto Genryuusai, you have finally become the Captain of the Captains, the Shinigami of the Shinigamis, spitting into the faces of all those that did not believe in you at first. Now it’s time to kick back and juggle the bottles the way you want!

*** This career does not overwrite any other!***

I'm thinking about adding uniforms, but only later. Still need to finish those, but you can expect an update soon!


There are nine chance cards in this careers. The final level has none!

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